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  • Colombiana wrote:

    Cygnus news report incoming

    New number one fleeter in Cygnus... congrats babe

    Word has rang out that Allucien is leaving Cygnus. We give him the honorable discharge you have been a courageous opponent. Til we meet on another battle field. Ciao
    i can take it back whenever i want, holding no1 as long as i did for "having so much trouble from you guys" and oh yeah, the one day a week i play finnaly gave you the opportunity you needed. I alse see you guys vmode as im ready yo come out of vmode. Bravo
  • You mean your gonna get a new account cause every one knows that’s not your first account. If you remember sometime after you were crashed karma first account. Then you got another number one fleet. Rocky started a new one and left war machine in perms vmode and it just came out recently with new owner and being active. It doesn’t take a lot of math to add up closed fleets that were crashed and you have where rocky current account is at. Couple months back you were 220g fleet. I’d bet money you ain’t getting nothing back. Base gonna be new number one soon enough. Least rocky earned not once but twice with two different accounts. Didn’t have to scrap one to do it either or get banned. Haha what’s funny is rocky had to play less then any of you and took it back from the pro burger Kings one crashed fleet at a time. Buying number one isn’t the same as earning the hard way karma. Good luck Burger King. I pulled anyone but closed.... you jealous much? But three years if that’s true passed so fast. I really don’t think that math is right but you know what else. I don’t care.

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  • What argument are you making?

    So Rocky played two accounts, thats multiaccounting, thats account sharing. Wonderful.

    We can go through the universe and see all the accounts wrecked and perma vmode that mikegrinder has left.

    Where as Karma has been on venkus account, since what, 2015-2016? From when it had like 50 million points, to now 250m points.

    Buying number one, where did you get the black shadow account from? hmmm.
    That was number one before KARMA crashed it.
    Stats dont lie, we know where the resources went. They went to the vmode accounts of HOT, but no one cares about that.
    You want to sit here and discredit the damage that karma has done over the last 5 years, because he slipped once and was hit my rocky and mike. But never mention them setting rocky up and ninjaing him.
    You never mention Karma doing almost 4x the damage Rockys account has done. Oh yeah, merlins account.

    Dont sit here and tell people that someone didn't build an account from scratch if you are sitting in a glass house. The only person in either hot or closed that has built there account from scratch is me and improve.