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      Browser-extensions / Addons: Please deactivate them! No Support with Addons.

      Bug description
      I sent my referral link to and had 4 friends join Europa. None of them became my premium buddies. I sent two tickets in about it and neither was answered (5 days ago). I have been told by Players that ref links no longer work. Is this true? and IF so why are they even included in game?
      OK, i HATE Forums. I can never seem to negotiate them or understand them. Now i see in this thread something about No Support with add-ons. What the HELL does that even mean? What add-ons?
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      That`s me on the left after a long hard day (and night) of Ogaming
    • Master Yoda wrote:

      Dear community,
      as you might have noticed, the buddy points and the recruiting system are not functioning properly at the moment.
      These 2 systems are not going to be working for a while as we have plans to rework them in the future.

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Your OGame Team.
      So yep, they don't work for new recruits. Don't know why it still is visible ingame, we asked the GF multiple times already to remove it, they didn't.

      And with the addons things like AGR, Topraider etc are meant.

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief
    • No I'm saying you don't get support if the tool is active while your bug happens. For example if you send a fleet and it doesn't go with settings you choose, it could have been AGO/AGR that changed your settings. Tools change a lot of stuff, thats why you should deactivate them before reporting a bug as it might just be a bug in the Tool.

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief
    • ahahahaha, ok, well, i really doubt AGO made the referral system quit working. But, ok i get it. Thanks bro.

      ps: Please tell Gameforge they owe me for 4 referrals, I drink Busch Beer and will expect delivery by the end of the week. :)
      That`s me on the left after a long hard day (and night) of Ogaming