Where is it?!

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    • Where is it?!

      Crazy how the skylove/obi hit wasn't posted after such skill!! Probably terrified of the comments that would be on it so we'll comment on this!
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    • Frka wrote:

      Parsec wrote:

      What happened exactly?
      I only heard that obi came out of vmode and got destroyed shortly after
      It was months of planning, sky really showed his best $kill for that fightYou really don't have to know much to know it all
      well apparently i have to know more than that to know wtf is going on lol.
      But obiwang is long time b00m so surely there is no foul play if that's what your trying to say?
    • Let me explain what happened:

      1. When the server restarts, I was going to attack I players. 6.297 has a I player.I spied it.Habitually touched obiwan's moon, and found his main fleets. His home plant has no time.

      2.i found my planet has no duets. My allies hanhan don't have duets either. So I immediately started selling my fleet. I almost Selling 7,000 dt ships altogether.

      Then I spent DM turning metals and crystals into duets.

      3. After I sent out the fleet, I contacted hanhan and asked him to help with the recycling. At the same time, I send duets to him. There was an episode in which his fleet jumped the wrong door. Twenty minutes wasted. Fortunately, there is no big Wolf online.if xHannibaLx,cutecat,bigpapa were online and stealing the ruins of the Fleet, I have little profit.

      4. When I succeeded in attacking obiwan's main fleet,hanhanspied all of Obiwan other moons, then shared the information. We immediately discussed attacking the other moons separately.

      You can check the log to see if I'm lying.

      So two inferences.

      The first one is that I buy the account and ask thim to push me. I never had any business or conversation with him in the game. If we use other chat tools, there will be no such behavior as dispatching fleets in the middle of the line. I can design a recycling method. Then I destroyed the moon and attacked him at timely. In this way, my allies and I can quickly take over the ruins. It took too long, too much DM and too much risk to adopt the present way.

      The second is that obiwan’s account has been stolen. I certainly didn't steal it, as I judged the first one. If someone else does something, it has nothing to do with me.
      My crime is push.I'm honored that a player, who had never chatted or traded on two servers before he joined in, generously gave me the fleet.
    • Nobody seems to care if you are innocent or guilty skylove, they are just celebrating that you are gone.

      Ogame, isn't about fair. They have a limited staff and they make judgement calls based on flawed perception of events. Their authority is absolute as they lack any major checks/balances. If you choose to play, you are forced to accept this, even if you don't realize this. I have no idea what your punishment is, however if it's simply the profits of one hit than you need to see the bigger picture and move on. I'm sure everyone realizes there is always going to be a bigger hit down the road. If you have a perm ban because you have done this multiple times, realize the perm ban isn't because of the this time pushing, it is because of all the times combined that make you a player that is undesirable to have around.
      Retired, Contact me on facebook if needed. Leigh Churnick
    • thx ethanc.You are calm. This is the first time I have such a big war. But it was judged to be push. This makes me doubt. What kind of war report is normal and allowed? I found that Obiwan had an account in the forum. Maybe it's only when he comes out and explains that things will be clear. Whatever, Rules must be clear and not arbitrary.
    • No skylove, they don't have to be clear and not arbitrary. Nobody holds the admin accountable for their actions, nobody really can but the owners of the game who ___REALLY___ don't want to deal with a bunch of man children complaining about everything. Sure you can threaten to quit, but to be blunt, the game would be better off with you not around. Think of how many people have quit because of __YOU__.

      I went through this same thing 6 months ago when an Ally probed someone right before we hit their fleet. I got a 2 week ban for something I didn't do, nor had any control over. I screamed and cried and regardless my punishment stood. In the end, weeks later they did update the rules some though which I was at least thankful for. Had I had multiple previous bans for the same thing, i'm sure i would of been perma banned.

      You brought a Trojan horse within your gates skylove and now you suffer for it. If you are innocent or guilty it makes no difference, each time you attack someone you run the risk of getting mixed up in things you don't understand. Or, they simply caught you yet again with cheating. Devaluing all the accounts that actually work hard to grow on their own.
      Retired, Contact me on facebook if needed. Leigh Churnick
    • Maybe you don't like my way of playing. What I want to say is that if I follow your playing way, I will be dealt with immediately. Because it's illegal, but nobody's dealing with you.if I do, I'll be banned immediately. Think about it seriously. A person who spends about an hour online every day has a terrible increase in scores. What's your opinion? You might say, that's ability. But we all know how to do it. You did it,nobody managed it. I did it, I got ban. I want to be strong, only through robbing. In addition, scripting issues. Some players apparently use scripts 24 hours a day online,but no one care, You can't hit him at all. The reason is sleeping methods. Can you believe it? A problem that can be solved by a verification code. If I were allowed to have multiple accounts, I could also give up robbing other players. My growth will surprise you. But this is not allowed. Maybe it's just that I don't allow it. Who care?
    • You may think I was cheating, however I've never used a script. Ever. Nor have I ever been banned for it even once. Why? Because the way i raid is clearly a human doing it. Sending out 100s of probes (the range of one of my planets which is typically written as my planet names lol) then deleting the bad raids and stacking up all the good ones, then raid them slowly as fleet slots open. I have major gaps when real life distracts me, and other times when I barely have seconds as a gap since I'm waiting for the fleet slots to open.

      I clearly don't have my account running 24/7. Very easy to see when i'm on and when I'm not in fact.

      As for your pushing MULTIPLE times....you need to realize people are watching you now and people are reporting when you cheat. Play a clean game and you won't have these problems.
      Retired, Contact me on facebook if needed. Leigh Churnick
    • Maybe you misunderstood me. "you" are a general term. When you're an old player, you can depend on factors such as online time, number of spies, etc. These basically determine a player's score increase. As I said earlier, online for two to three hours a day increases scores by 7m a day. Who can do that? I'm online for more than 14 hours a day. I'm constantly attacking (i)players, robbing miners, and spying with fleet players. I'm up about 5 m a day. I'm called a cheater. What players should you call them? If there is a chance, I should show you the track of my a day. You'll change your mind. Don't depreciate anyone who works harder than you.
    • Silverwind wrote:

      EthanC wrote:

      they make judgement calls based on flawed perception of events
      Wait! Stop this crazy train a second!
      We're supposed to make judgement calls based on un-flawed perceptions of events?!? :youcrazy:

      Oh wow, this whole time...... :rofl:

      You should be only making judgements based on things you can prove. Not assumptions or biased ways of looking at things.
      Retired, Contact me on facebook if needed. Leigh Churnick
    • Uhh, I can prove it. Have the discord logs that clearly show what happened from multiple points of view. The guy that cheated got away with it and someone else (his enemy) was punished.

      Not that any of this matters, not the first time, certainly not the last....
      Retired, Contact me on facebook if needed. Leigh Churnick