xluka and his froend madawac

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  • xluka and his froend madawac


    i see that xluka decided to destroy his friends account madawac who changed his name to tuidemdoapoteke and left 100ke alliance, then came out vmode 2days ago, and no xluka very kindly hit his fleet lol

    very sad to see this, just plain old pushing of the extreme here?

    also for any mods looking, im sure rules state im allowed to troll and accuse lightly of cheating?
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    This hit made me laugh so much. I've never seen a more obvious push yet the slimy bastard gets away with it seemingly.

    Tuidemdoapoteke" is an account which was named Madawac before.

    prntscr.com/m6270o - screen print of name change

    He was in xLuka's alliance named "100ke"

    prntscr.com/m627a3 - Screen grab of alliance.

    He vmoded and stopped playing. Renamed acc to tuidemdoapoteke, and stayed in vmode (for 30days) until 2 days ago when he suddenly came out, and moved his fleet into xLuka's system
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    yeah this is such a blatant push, and yet MODS do nothing about it @Runner what do you think your doing? you do some good work banning a couple of known pushers, and now you let this happen and dont punish them? i mean cmon how hard is it to see a push? he was in the same alliance for ages, he was friends and trading with xluka. simply because he left alliance and changed name it means it is legit hit?

    @Laerix got anything to say? maybe say something like "my mate quit game and gave account to some1 else so i hit it"? you cheating badly and think you can get away with it

    these sorts of hits is what makes people quit playing ogame.