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    • Change of server features

      NO TROLLING HERE PLEASE!!!!! Enough threads for that.

      I'd like everyone here to be able to speak here, in a civilised manner, if you wish to insult me or improve (please do so, just in the other threads)

      Before we make an official request to @piink I think we should discuss it here first.

      Fleet speed, I'd love to go to 3x fleet speed, it's perfect, perhaps .7 deut consumption, most of the fleeters here lack the mines that other uni's have. If not at maximum then more planet fields the better?

      So I request:
      • Fleet speed go from 4x down to 3x
      • deut consumption from 1.0 down to 0.7
      • planet field increase :D (if not at maximum)
      Warning- Andvari300

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    • Server specs are good as they are imho. I wouldn't chane a thing.
      But i would go down in fleet speed to x3 if everyone agreed on this np. But its good as it is.
      Lower deut consumption is a big no from me.
      As for planet fields, i dont care for those
    • I don't understand why multiple threads of server setting change requests are being opened.

      You & your team would troll and get ours closed but would like yours to be civilized?

      Anyway, this universe will never agree on a single change, it's good as it is.

      Lowering the fleet speed will just make more players quit because a lot of us have chosen this universe because of the fleet speed.

      Deut consumption at 1.0 is good as well, wouldn't want to lower that either.

      Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

      Arhangelo/Saw: u are too dangerous.. even while moon shoting

      Flops of the Century:

      RinTinuNinu Poor 20.543.567 -75.388.042
      Karma Closed 15.952.274 -61.024.373
      Venku Ordo Closed 36.238.268 -17.684.415
    • Grinder, we didn't really troll your post, if i did, I'm sorry.

      @gonzo we have 7x eco not 6x :D

      @Qwerty, we have asked before, they will not increase eco more than 7x or research speed at all. That is a shame, though considering many years ago we were only told 1x eco no more, we're now up to 7x, so who knows, maybe one day we get the 10x eco we desire.
    • I never trolled your thread and actually was up for what you had suggested at least a couple of them I don’t remember it all.

      No to lower fleet speed you baboon.

      Nothing is going to be changed in this universe honestly

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    • Thread reopened as it is a new year. And like I said, don't troll/go offtopic or it will get closed again.

      Tony Montana wrote:

      planet field increase (if not at maximum
      Cygnus is already 1 above the maximum that is available currently.

      The other thread stays closed as half of it is spam and reading through it all is a waste of time for piink.

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