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      .. SInce history and lately gaming of ogame.. THis was mine favorite and apsolute universe, i'm speaking here for mine people and ppl of the whole universe. So i'd like to discuss with you ( uni players ) what we might get adjusted to this uni with the GO's SGO's and stuff.. Due 1 year will pass so fast for this uni... We might eventually look for few options i think as follows:

      1. Planet sizes ( mostly cause of economics ) to be increases + 25-30 witch is kinda cca average addition on start in some unis
      2. Deut consumption reduced to 0.5 - 0.75 cca cause of the lovely fleeters witch's fleet consumes hell of a deut for 1 ride even in systems nearby
      3. Fleet speed right? atlast 2 x to make it more exciting and decent enough for new players and players with have lower time so they stay and dont quite but that 2x is more then enoguh for fleetrs to catch on those last few mins or seconds they needed to "kill" somebody's fleet and that defenders came Online.. A more of a suprise factor and earnings in this late stage of the uni considering its "primal player count number"
      4. Since economy is max 7x we can't change that since it's max allowed atm i guess
      5. Researching became so slow and time wasting and loong even with IRN 6-10lvl. so i'd ask to increase research time by 2-7x depending what's max allowed amount
      6. I think that's all we could do for now, so i'd like to hear ur uni guys opinion and stuff, so myb we could start some poll's and stuff.. will consider talking to SGO's and Higher'ups after we see some stuff..

      THanks and hope u understand and support the idea of making the uni GREAT AGAIN , even without me, but hey, i'm just a player and community guy, so I do love helping mine colleagues as much as i can even passively if not actively :))

      Best regards, sincerely
      Your, ex. Miner :check:

      Looking For A Ogame account if possible "top" rated.
      Ex top 1 player across few servers .us , .org , .de

      ty for offers.
    • 1. +30 fields = YES
      2. Deut consumptin 50% = YES
      3. Fleet speed = NO CHANGE - people deliberately chose x1 to suit their lifestyle and a change would cause some to leave.
      4. Cannot change
      5. I believe that elsewhere it has been said that the research cannot be independently adjusted as it is tied to econ
      ~The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong~

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    • 1. +30 fields = indeed more fields
      2. Deut consumptin 50% = yes
      3. Fleet speed = x1 .. those who want x2 or x3 can choose afterwards when merger comes up
      4. Eco speed = should increase more for newer unis though, if not how will we catch up with older ones.
    • 1. +30 fields = YES
      2. Deut consumptin 50% = rather no
      3. Fleet speed = rather no

      My answer for 2 and 3 is rather no as I think that:
      2. at least a significant fraction of players (lol, at least me) plays in Aqua because of 1x speed. I'm rather a sitter, but I don't wanna glance on the ogame evey 25 minutes instead of every 45, lol.
      3. It can be another feature which increases the dispersion of players, i.e. it is more convenient for players with big fleets not for those who have smaller, so it doesn't stimulate populating the uni with new players, especially if higher fleet speed is set and bigger guys can fly more and crash every newbe just after going out of (n)
      i learnt something today...
    • Fairly sure they can now split Research out - they did in the event server which was x12 research (but sure it wasn't x12 fleet or eco).

      x2 could be interesting, but like others have said, not sure the clientele in Aqua is the speedy type, we joined knowing it was a slowmo Uni :)

      Not sure what would help this Uni but everyone coming out of Vmode would be good! ha
    • I agree only research time is a headache for me at this point but also the abuse of VMODE. EG: comming out of vmode lauching IPM`s and then before retaliation going into VMODE again. I would say when you come out of VMODE you should be committed to play at the very least 3 days to a week. You know who you are and I will spend every resource at my disposal to destroy you
    • Stan I here you not a fan of major defences myself, the noob just managed to trigger abm`s but still irritating as some players clearly dont understand the concept of defence into debris = free res. Also got such a thrill to receive 20+ combat reports just to realise the coward ran away which is really what I would try prevent if i`m GF
    • @piink So can we please have a poll? I have included fleet speed change but expect (hope it is rejected)

      1. Plus 30 fields
      2. Deut fuel to 50%
      3. Fleet speed x 2
      4. Research to x12 or max if more than x12

      ~The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong~

      U44/Quant/Jup/Betel HOF's = 575~ ~ ~480 Solo [10 Top 10] / 95 ACS [4 x #1 + 11 Top 10]
      ~~ RIP 7007+
    • 1. +30 fields = yes
      2. Deut consumptin 50% = no
      3. Fleet speed = no

      I love my wife, not a browser game. I went there 5 years later without a game, just because it’s convenient parameters for the game, in particular x1 fleet.
      PS. Ban already forgetmenot, since he so tearfully asks
    • plus 30 fields yes
      Deut consumption fuel no
      fleet speed no
      I like 1x speed its nice and slow thats why im here, so if you dont like 1x speed then go play in another uni that is faster i have 2 others unis i play in and they are way to fast takes up way to much of my free time slow is awesome

      research no
      it make the wait more worth wild when you finally get research finished