Blackmass/Tyler Durden Fan thread.

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  • omg, your still at it Black ?
    I think you said it nicely your self ... "Fact from 4.7 years ago in Rigel I told you my intent" ... SNOOZE FEST !!!!
    let it die ... like your facts, your intent, and your holier then thou attitude. Even monkeys get tired of their own chatter ;)
  • Blackmass wrote:

    Tyler Durden wrote:

    Man you really have lost your mind :rofl: Words words words, not helping that MPD of yours any ;(

    I deal in results, not fanciful plans and delusions 8o Never change.
    Fact 22kk of your tddmp is from nukes. on my members and three of my planets along with several other players,Fact TMPD don't mean jack.
    Fact You're train of thought and state of mind is your greatest weakness. and I'm using it to the fullest.
    Fact I have matched you point for point in built military and gained in military after you nuked three of my planets flat.
    Fact. I know what where when you do any thing in game. I don't need to probe to watch activity.
    Fact at this point I have to hire recyclers to pick up the mess
    Fact at this point our fleets hit head on we both lose a grand total of 19 billion. in fleet.
    Fact. when I stop procrastinating and actually seriously come after you your ally m8s won't have fleet to help you.
    Fact I dislike having large numbers of recyclers so I will have to hire recyclers to pick up the mess.
    Fact from 4.7 years ago in Rigel I told you my intent. and exactly what I was going to do how I was going to do it. (but and never when to any one. )
    Fact you and your ally m8's have automaticly assumed I am talking out the side of my head.
    Fact I will do what I say as I have done already. and that is put you where I want you 2 how I want you 3 when I want to. 4. and still take up space in you're head why because I have.already or I would not have to block most of fury in game from constant p.m.s trolling in game.
    Fact. In previous posts you stated you gained and added 15 trillion that's 150 billion points in fleet sorry to break it to you you only have 17kk plus MP
    Fact I am 180kk to 215kk MP behind you and yes we have gone back and fourth in MP. and fleet numbers.
    Fact I am no better or worse than any other player in this uni. /but you assume to be the best ever in the game .sorry but that is far from true or a fact. so again You're greatest weakness is that mind set of you'res and welcome to reality.
    Fact before you start insulting some one you might REALLY WANT TO THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.


    The best ever I'm taking a screen shot of that one.

  • Really you two you're going to sink that low. really that's a shame.

    And Puck no holier than thou. here As I have said I am no better no worse. < = not a holier than thou mind set.
    just procrastination and some private matters here. bye now

    I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.