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    • @Rav3n, thank you for responding as you are the first staff member to talk to us about our concerns. The persecution that I discuss is not necessarily about whether we have received warnings but the fact that others have not received warnings for things that according to the rules showed automatically receive a warning.

      I am not going to go into detail about my warning nor contest it, but on that same thread there was an individual that deliberately put down new people, complaining about them raising issues, etc, basically accusing a very well known spammer, Neva of being a noob.

      Now on the top of the spamboard are the rules and here is what Iceman said/ what was edited into Iceman's post referring to elitism.

      Iceman wrote:

      - Groups that call themselves "the elite" or act in a way that attacks or picks on new members will be warned. If this continues they can and will be banned from the spamboard.

      This is still up on the top of the spamboard and is apparently the rules we must follow. Now I reported someone for this exact rule violation and have been told that flaming and trolling are now allowed. Which is fine, if you want us to flame and troll people we will do so against the bad decisions that have been made by certain individuals who can't manage people to save their lives (a professional opinion I might add, I happen to do this as a job and have several customer service/ HR/ management qualifications). But this is a rule that was made to ensure a community will not become a clique. Especially after our period where certain people could be quite rude to new people. This community needs new people and myself and others have really brought it alive and tried to do what we do best. But we have had people moaning at us for being us. At one point and I can quote here, the Board Admin complained that the only people that would miss us would be Bibob and Cassie, two amazing people who did a lot for this community. Now that is bad. It is unprofessional and if I was to do something like this at work I would get a formal warning. Whilst you volunteer for this position, you represent Gameforge and as such you should be professional. The Mods and other officials should be held to a higher standard than us, because you need to be seen as fair. That means better communication from members of staff and being impartial and addressing concerns. Rav3n you are the first Mod to do so and considering your current circumstances I am very impressed by your dedication. But others aren't following rules that are clearly laid out or apparently these rules which are the only ones we can see here, are obsolete which is again problematic. Why haven't they been removed? This is confusing to those on this board and as such why should I follow rules if you don't tell us what they are? This lessens the community and is bad for Gameforge.

      NoMoreAngel wrote:

      Nobody of the still active, not newly registered people, except maybe Cass and bibob will miss you
      And the COMA's opinion on the matter....