is that a permi ban?

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    • i don`t know really ... i made a ticket the other days , but i got only a standard response , without reasons... anyway i said before this fraze `` who shouts louder cheater , in the end is the real cheater `` first KoMAR , now Nehoroshiy... we expect a childish explanation from honey ... he is good at it

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    • I was told last year that GF had decided that as Capital Punishment had been stopped in most civilised countries, they felt a permanent ban was like Capital Punishment and thus would be withdrawn - except for breach of the Terms and Conditions.

      The link to T&Cs doesn't work for me, but if I remember correctly somewhere about section 4 it says thou shall not cheat, use scripts or bugs - so make of that what you will. Typical GF inconsistency.

      This approach along with the removal of the pillory means that there is nothing to deter players from cheating and is in fact, virtually a cheater's charter.
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