Can anyone explain how to use Space Dock for me?

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    • Can anyone explain how to use Space Dock for me?

      I'm noob here, just repelled first attack on my planet and I just do not understand how to use space dock

      Does "150k units" mean 150k ships or 150k resources?
      How do I see what wreckage was left after the battle? It says debris field is 86.8k metal and 63.6k crystal, since 86.8+63.6=150.4, does it mean I have enough stuff destroyed to activate space dock?

      Where are the controls of space dock, anyway? When I'm clicking the "space dock" button near "facilities", it just opens up space dock build menu... I already have lvl3, is it enough for controls to appear?

      And... is it safe to recycle debris field? Will that stop my space dock from being able to repair wreckage?

      If it helps, I'm on universe Europa
      Moons created - 1 (0 from 20%)
      Basic 20% - A:1 D:1
    • Always recycle the debris field if you can get it.

      If there is anything you can recover via the space dock, there will be a logo next to the planet/moon that the attack occurred on of a ship. Click on that or go to space dock in your buildings to start recovery process.