I keep getting weird results from spying

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    • I keep getting weird results from spying

      Bug description
      • On which action did the bug appear:

        Sent 2 groups of espionage probes. Same player.

      • How does the bug show itself:
        First group of 7 probes gave back info up to Defences, indicating a +2 difference in espionage tech. Sending 11 probes reveals technology and shows espionage tech of -1 relative to me.
      • Screenshot to show the problem better (only if needed and please only upload the needed sections, not your whole desktop)
        7 probes - i.imgur.com/iM6c0Sq.png
        11 probes - i.imgur.com/1Kax6yP.png
        My lvl of spy tech - i.imgur.com/vLaIFdS.png


      General data for the bughunt
      • Internetbrowser with versionnumber: Firefox 65 on Ubuntu Linux
      • Does the bug also appear in other Browsers?: Yes, it is an internal issue

      • When using mobile / tablet - which operating system do you use: don't use mobile

      • Internetserviceprovider and connectiontype (LAN/WLAN/Mobile-Data): ----

      • OGame Version in which the bug appeared: Europa server... How do I even look this up? I just open it in browser...

      • If this action created an API-ID, please share it:
        7 probes: sr-en-157-b39e2c7912ba6a41484dcc61164d3747e2d71297
        11 probes: sr-en-157-6aede338550c15dd0a64c872cbaab6df906c6f52


      It is not the first time this happens to me. Last time I had same issue (-1 tech giving info same way as +2 tech), but wasn't able to reproduce after I teched up
      Most spy reports work as intended, so it's just a weird combination here that breaks something
      Moons created - 1 (0 from 20%)
      Basic 20% - A:1 D:1