CLOSED is recruiting

  • Alliance Introduction

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  • CLOSED is recruiting

    Greetings OGamers of Cygnus,

    This is your opportunity to make your hard work count.

    For a better future for you,your kids and many many generations of OGamers to come.

    Join the alliance CLOSED we are looking for new active member.

    We promisse to stop the senselless bullying by the other alliance(s) & we will put every active member became professional OGamer.

    We"d like to appreciate everybody who took the time to read and understand the severity of this thread ,we"re looking forward for future members.

    Send us personal message in-game or on board for membership.

    May the OGod be with you.

    Best Regards.
  • I think by today all members of closed will be out from vacation mode. Unlike Joker who slid right back in after doing....Absolutely nothing, that's right, 160bn fleet and can't hit a sausage.

    I do find it hilarious that the one time a couple of the members are in vmode you try to insult/poke fun.Why is ahnult/joker/beast/distressor(usually in vm 24/7) oh that's right cause you guys can't play the game so you hide in vm, relocate in, hide again, then come out to pop moons (generally when we're all online) Someone isn't very good at this game :D

    As for the infilatrate, don't make us laugh, be more afraid if luka popped up in system he's master of hitting friends :D

    Closed are still recruiting..we need some more ladies...karma isn't sexy enough for all of us.