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    • Trading Europa acc


      I couldn’t choose trade.

      Hi guys, I’ve started playing on Europa about 25 days after it opened - currently I have 580k points with 8 planets, soon 9th is gonna be available. All my mine levels are at least 28/24/23 and I have solar plants lvl 26+ sats. Rank 300.

      Producing approx 15m metal/5m crystal and 2-3m deut a day. Small defense on all planets. Small fleet. This setup allows you to convert into fleeter.

      I only have 1 moon though.

      Looking for a miner acc in speed uni (possibly fleet x1/x2 and economy x4-6) with at least 8 planets and 4 moons. Mines at least 28/24/22. Any uni.

      Pm for more info