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    • hi all i quit this game…

      this game is unfair..
      "icebreaker" now is use this nick "imnotseksej" best pusher and multi user ever.. but game admins cant see this. he catch 1 time operators is 1 week punihs him.. gains and profits no take.. its not fair. he have more multi account this universe….

      imnotseksej and i cant stop same player. forum nicks icant sleep and i cant stop :D and game actions same.. talking styles same :) attack and defend styles same :)
      i attack " i cant stop" and "im not seksej" start 30 sec after ACS defend… what a speed.. :D how time he is say you.. how time say war time :)

      3 4 day ago.. "i cant stop" messaged using whatsapp for fleet sell.. we are not accept… and him talk to" marujhana"" hashis" and "oxi"… and he sell fleet.. but our game operators is only watch.. i have whatsapp records…

      DONT play this universe, its my idea...
    • I Cant Stop wrote:

      Come on I'm more stronger now, don't cry and back to the game show to the people's that you are the best :D, you can just learn and watch nothing else. Smoke weed every dayyy
      You're using again wrong account.. you're not strong. Ice breaker (imnotseksej)strong for me. But it's your multi. Change your board account and try again. Np. I researched all boards and I see you're make a few universe Multi accounts and sell fleets, pushings, bans. I can't believe this admins.
    • Just my 2 cents here will try to avoid accusing anyone or anything .

      Renac has a point here and this has been talked about for years and nothing changed.

      I also know about sledgehammers account being sold, the crap about him being to confident is bullshit , he was one of the most active players he used dm alot and i bet you he had an ogame alarm for such a ting ...
      Lets asume he fell asleep but he was on after hit and did nothing while black and don were cleaning up the rest of his planets after he went vmode.

      Most already know rugal's account was sold and fleet will be crashed by xx & xx ( did not post names as i told i won't point fingers )[But you can be sure i will report you guys with evidance after the hit is done as idon't accept cheating of any kind)

      Most of us know alot of top fleeters are using bots and buy fleets so again nothing new here.

      People also acuse admins for lack of activity but they are fewer and fewer each new server and there tools at there disposal are few .Ofcourse they see shady activity and most of them are old players before the simultors , addons etc but without solid prof they can't act and also the rules need to be revamped and enforced harsher.

      Want to avoid dm abusers/cheaters/pushers etc join the other servers there are other servers with lower cheating involved but cheating exist there also .

      I decided i will prob. not gona join any other new org uni since the cheating has reached a level i have never seen before .would rather join a server with 300 players after 30 days then server with 3k players and half of is full of cheaters .

      Just my 2 cents
    • I second your opinion. I have played a great deal of universes over the years but the amount of scripts users and outright account buyers/pushers on Fenrir is ridiculous.

      Please explain to me how someone can grow 1467k points in 10 days legitimately.

      There is not even remotely any point in playing this server because the cheaters will become too big to fall very soon, if not already. Especially when the Rugal account gets scrapped :D
      Caught up in the game