Solo ten - [TOT: 727.946.000] NikS [Zoo] & U 557 [IMU] vs. Greek God [300] (A: 70.259.000, D: 657.687.000)

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    • This was the most informative thread ever in regards to getting the most story rather quickly...again thanks for all the back story and all sides saying their bit(i think). Makes the forum more fun. Again, solid hit attackers, and thanks for the last bit of clarity Nike

      GLotr Def.....have fun
      Zagy: "Enjoy building your ego with likes of your ally mate.
      Like we having 14 year old girls here. I expect now everyday status with some quote and selfie from toilet."
      Heretic: "If you want to make it personal...I might ask why you are asking for selfies from ppl you suspect are 14 year old girls and ones from the toilet no less. Creeper much?"
    • Was also part of the MD action so i have also few words to say here :thumbup:

      A total of 5 players gathered in discord group chat to figure out what shall we do with darkside and his moons :gamer:

      Before 1. moon popped all 3 of us from 300 warned in the group that they calm NikS a bit when we doin this thing together example n1: :buckteeth:

      Then again later we also got to that subject, example n2: :closed:

      Important thing is the msg dont worrie if i tell him he wont fly he wont, but the lack of comms beetween you fellas in Zoo that night was not on a level :canceled:

      GG made a mistake if you could call it that way and failed an easy task, but i can't blaime him after 48h of MD action and no sleep :rofl: :beer:

      Warmaster made a mistake by not telling NikS nothing about our plans and the result of that funhouse atleast a piece of it is here presented in numbers :smile2:

      U 557 nice spotting moment, NikS good fast reaction as it is always from you, enjoy you profits, they are well deserved :beer:

      GG wish you again happy and fast recovery so the fun times can continue :check: :beer:

      PS. NikS bro we were all 100% positive warmaster told you we tag along that night.

      Tnx 4 reading folks, have fun ingame :biggrin:
      With regards,Pols.
    • @PolsMols

      Firstly Anybody didnot give me informantion about your friendship and plans.And also l dont have spend time ally skype.Because l am not good at speak and understand english so l cant be active so much.

      Secondly while l was sleeping u557 called me and l woke up.u557 said to greek landed and he was off and we were starting ready ourself for attack.And also u557 didnot have informantion about your MD plans.