Looking for a small active alliance

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    • Looking for a small active alliance

      So I've been playing this universe as a way to get slowly back in to ogame without having crazy fleet speeds. I played about 6 years ago and now I have an office based job i decided why not play this again, as i can log in regularly. Im ranked roughly 200 and been playing for about a month now, I'm in an alliance but they aren't very active. Are there any active alliances left? Looking for an alliance less than 15 members.

      I'm a Fleeter :missilelauncher: and would like to join an alliance that's a little higher up as im desperate for moon shots haha 8)
    • @Dann1s
      I think you will find he is in your alliance lol.
      I can understand perhaps why he wants to leave.
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    • His name is not familiar in the alliance, might be another forum name. But another option could be ANDRO(meda). It has 14 members, is open for applications and uses discord. I've heard there are still active members in ANDRO.
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