TOP 02 - [TOT: 33.180.716.000] Pirate andy [Azrael D] & Heretic [Azrael D] & Firestorm [Azrael D] & Lord of Ice [Azrael D] & IsaacAsimov [Azrael D] vs. Zagy [NoEmo] & A_L_E_X [NoEmo] (A: 3.951.391.000, D: 29.229.325.000)

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    • TOP 02 - [TOT: 33.180.716.000] Pirate andy [Azrael D] & Heretic [Azrael D] & Firestorm [Azrael D] & Lord of Ice [Azrael D] & IsaacAsimov [Azrael D] vs. Zagy [NoEmo] & A_L_E_X [NoEmo] (A: 3.951.391.000, D: 29.229.325.000)

      Good people of Virgo, gather around, grab a chair and put your glasses on cause this is the read you've been waiting for :D

      This epic saga commenced 42 hours ago, as Zagy was preparing himself to go to sleep, sending his fleet on a long 40-hour fleetsave at NoEmo's alliance hub.

      We had spotted a hole in his FS and so, as he logged off Me, heretic and Fire launched cross-SS Moon Destruction to both of his deploy moons. :rocketlauncher:

      A little less than 7 hours later, they were gone, and we saw the dreaded sight that this long FS was at the time. :golly:

      Some of us were slightly discouraged by the length of the deploy and considered calling it off, but lo and behold, the Frozen One hath no life and so the maniacal, methodical lanxing commenced. :gamer:

      As time moved on, it was more and more obvious what Nemo's plan would be: no recall, 4 defends on planet, 4 defends on moon, totalling 8 fleets to counter our 5 biggest. The hit would be huge, destruction and carnage aplenty, and it was a pure toss-up as to which side would come out on top, depending on how the recycling of the DF went. :shrug:

      A little bit of trash talk between alliances, "psychological warfare" (or "psychic" as Zagy would calll it :D ), a lot of cheating accusations due to my being online for almost 24 hours straight with only a few 15-30 min naps.

      We set our fleetsaves to arrive on time for the big launch, activated our alarms, got ready for it all. All our RIPs were launched,

      Now this morning was the time to load the fleet up and fire all these bad boys. As we start organizing, we get a message from Thrust - he got caught up in something and the Nemo guys got his full fleet. Recycled all DF, stole loot. :complaingrumble:

      This slightly changed the balance of fleets as we had to replace him with a much smaller fleet (no offence @IsaacAsimov :D ) and would mean more losses on our side, and less on Nemo's side during the final big crash.

      We started exploring other ideas to try and turn this hit more to our advantage, and we finally decide upon the following strategy:

      NoEmo's defends on planet landed earlier than Zagy's deploy, so we would set the fleet to hit 10 sec before his deploy, and wait until the very last second to slow down right after his deploy. :vain:

      Our hope was that at least one of them, or multiple if not all, would recall in a scramble in the last 40 seconds as it became apparent we would hit their 4 planet defends without Zagy's fleet or their moon defends, resulting in huge losses for them.

      I would then send a 100% probe with a flight time of 44 seconds with approx 35 seconds to go.

      We spent all the res we had saved up in instant building of fleet to gather as much fire power as possible, and the fleets took off. :hi:

      Then, in the last 10 minutes, the most epic moment happened.

      I was the one in charge of slowing and I have to admit I messed it up. I was extremely stressed and tired due to the non stop action for 40 hours, and after adding my 3 first slow probes, I sat on fleet screen to wait for the time to add my last probe. :sleep:

      However, I stayed on that screen way too long (approx 3/4 minutes) without refreshing, which I always normally do, and when it came time to click "Send", the f :cbanned: n' server had LOGGED ME OUT. :topicclosed:

      Dammit! F :cbanned: !!! Shit!!! I fucked the hit guys, my bad!!!

      And then this CR appeared... :thumbsup:

      On 19-03-2019 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker Pirate andy [Azrael D]

      Deathstar 203
      Battleship 50.928
      Destroyer 25.075
      Battlecruiser 55.543
      Small Cargo 180.446
      Light Fighter 1.002.391
      Heavy Fighter 101.274
      Cruiser 474.340


      Attacker Heretic [Azrael D]

      Deathstar 940
      Battleship 50.000
      Bomber 5.000
      Destroyer 29.912
      Battlecruiser 49.994
      Small Cargo 301.210
      Light Fighter 1.517.446
      Heavy Fighter 190.107
      Cruiser 254.461


      Attacker Firestorm [Azrael D]

      Deathstar 3.115
      Battleship 124.961
      Destroyer 40.996
      Battlecruiser 100.424
      Small Cargo 390.034
      Light Fighter 1.878.985
      Heavy Fighter 609
      Cruiser 398.971


      Attacker Lord of Ice [Azrael D]

      Deathstar 1.297
      Battleship 87.773
      Bomber 326
      Destroyer 31.349
      Battlecruiser 50.924
      Small Cargo 265.139
      Light Fighter 1.005.170
      Heavy Fighter 359
      Cruiser 404.183


      Attacker IsaacAsimov [Azrael D]

      Battleship 25.019
      Bomber 1.113
      Destroyer 12.017
      Battlecruiser 28.005
      Small Cargo 60.138
      Light Fighter 300.178
      Heavy Fighter 7.539
      Cruiser 33.201


      Defender Zagy [NoEmo]

      Small Cargo 16
      Large Cargo 29.895
      Cruiser 14.228
      Battleship 1.009
      Colony Ship 1
      Recycler 413
      Espionage Probe 206
      Solar Satellite 2.000
      Battlecruiser 20.208
      Rocket Launcher 23.899
      Light Laser 469.954
      Heavy Laser 1.800
      Gauss Cannon 400
      Plasma Turret 6.031
      Small Shield Dome 1
      Large Shield Dome 1


      Defender A_L_E_X [NoEmo]

      Deathstar 100
      Small Cargo 140.008
      Large Cargo 23.700
      Light Fighter 901.687
      Heavy Fighter 8.072
      Cruiser 244.562
      Battleship 34.239
      Bomber 334
      Destroyer 11.091
      Battlecruiser 103.188


      After the battle ...

      Attacker Pirate andy [Azrael D]

      Deathstar 203 ( -0 )
      Battleship 50.784 ( -144 )
      Destroyer 25.033 ( -42 )
      Battlecruiser 55.382 ( -161 )
      Small Cargo 159.261 ( -21.185 )
      Light Fighter 885.552 ( -116.839 )
      Heavy Fighter 94.918 ( -6.356 )
      Cruiser 470.152 ( -4.188 )


      Attacker Heretic [Azrael D]

      Deathstar 940 ( -0 )
      Battleship 49.863 ( -137 )
      Bomber 4.988 ( -12 )
      Destroyer 29.842 ( -70 )
      Battlecruiser 49.860 ( -134 )
      Small Cargo 266.386 ( -34.824 )
      Light Fighter 1.340.557 ( -176.889 )
      Heavy Fighter 177.710 ( -12.397 )
      Cruiser 252.211 ( -2.250 )


      Attacker Firestorm [Azrael D]

      Deathstar 3.115 ( -0 )
      Battleship 124.610 ( -351 )
      Destroyer 40.920 ( -76 )
      Battlecruiser 100.177 ( -247 )
      Small Cargo 345.430 ( -44.604 )
      Light Fighter 1.663.312 ( -215.673 )
      Heavy Fighter 573 ( -36 )
      Cruiser 395.566 ( -3.405 )


      Attacker Lord of Ice [Azrael D]

      Deathstar 1.297 ( -0 )
      Battleship 87.542 ( -231 )
      Bomber 324 ( -2 )
      Destroyer 31.289 ( -60 )
      Battlecruiser 50.782 ( -142 )
      Small Cargo 234.194 ( -30.945 )
      Light Fighter 887.422 ( -117.748 )
      Heavy Fighter 333 ( -26 )
      Cruiser 400.745 ( -3.438 )


      Attacker IsaacAsimov [Azrael D]

      Battleship 24.941 ( -78 )
      Bomber 1.109 ( -4 )
      Destroyer 11.997 ( -20 )
      Battlecruiser 27.921 ( -84 )
      Small Cargo 52.842 ( -7.296 )
      Light Fighter 264.268 ( -35.910 )
      Heavy Fighter 7.022 ( -517 )
      Cruiser 32.911 ( -290 )


      Defender Zagy [NoEmo]


      Defender A_L_E_X [NoEmo]


      The attacker has won the battle!

      The attacker captured:
      276.128.478 Metal, 0 Crystal and 288.305.211 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 3.951.391.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 29.229.325.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 8.870.956.500 metal and 5.476.532.000 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 564.433.689 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

      Debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      2.372.454.000 Metal and 2.372.454.000 Crystal

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: -88.079.522
      Crystal: 1.200.677.000
      Deuterium: 245.353.211
      The attacker(s) made a profit of 1.357.950.689 units.

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: -16.354.518.478
      Crystal: -10.327.474.000
      Deuterium: -3.111.766.211
      The defender(s) lost a total of 29.793.758.689 units.

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      Firstly, this is dedicated to all my Azrael D boys. We were all ready to go down in flames, not knowing what was hiding behind that tiny moon of Zagy's, and the feeling as hit approached was part dreadful part awesome. @Heretic @pirate andy @Firestorm @Isaac Asimov - Cheers guys :beer:

      Secondly, this is dedicated to all our deut suppliers, and to everyone who got high off our smoke fumes in the last few days. :thumbup:

      Lastly, dedication goes to the Nemo crew who got together and set the table up for some incredible action with their defend plans. The hit came very short of the magnitude and total damage we expected, but I won't complain seeing how it resulted.

      I am however slightly left on my hunger as I fully expected a monstrous crash that would rattle all of .org and set the bar for x1 speed fleet crashes, a hit that would end a war that was made of many battles and possibly send a few of us in retirement / miner life.

      In the end, this combat was simply a battle won by Azrael D, and so on we march. :huntsman:
      "Ice is a cool guy"
    • Was waiting for this and missed the battle once again. Well played both allys :)
      Kind of hoped that 136Bn def (seen) will make a bang, carnage would be insane but this is good too. Ice this is all you, you crazy mofo, when i remeber that 36h mark... GG Team, Noemo Fr to us all
      Fire Rip lord
      Her msg monster :)
      Randy those cruisers :)
      Isaac jocker from the sleve
      Azraels in whole Gg on the effort
    • "Nice smash".

      Just a couple things I want to point out:

      1) Why are those 20k bc on the planet?

      2) Getting hit cross system Thrust. That's breathtaking no matter the reason.

      Asides from that. Thrust at least has some WF to rebuild with whilst Zagy/Alex get to share the rest of the df if their friends want to give it to them.


      It's been a messy day for both sides. Considering NoEmo had less fleets in this "fight" to start off with I'd say they were the losers & Azrael's have won a marginal victory today.

      To know that for certain though we'd need to know what was hiding behind that moon, if anyone wishes to declare their loyalties ;)

      Oh & I won't stop saying this... but these hits would look better in a war thread. Just saying. :sniper: :rocketlauncher:

      Keep up the carnage everyone :zpopcorn:

      ~ Top 10s: 14 (18) + Assist on WorldWide Number 1 + Worldwide Number 2 (suicide) ~ RiPs: 80.962 ~

      ~ Experience is something you gain after you need it ~
    • I wish you didn't mess it up tbh. Would love to see that epic battle but I guess this one is nothing to be shy about either.

      Lanxing for that long is no joke. I did it for 3 hours once and was ready to jump off a bridge by the end of it.

      congrats on the hit.

      Defenders, fr
    • Congratz on this hit, based on effort putted it's deserved, on otherside can't believe we didn't avoid that bullet.
      I'm said this didn't end in big boom, i still have no idea who's side would pass better. It took me 20 minutes just to enter numbers in simulator and it was allways huge draw on this or that side, who would get more of df would have less looses.
      Explanation of my 20k BCs I had a mission to instabuild 2M ll on planet so in last 5 minutes I was just clicking that as crazy and couldn't follow action when I saw 15 sec till hit I fastly put 20k BCs to spent ress and I did not have time to actually see what is going on with fleets.
      Didn't want to instabuild defense before to avoid possible iprs. That'ls where this loot and 20k BCs arrived from.
      Only thing I saw in events was mds and I thought that azraels decided to go full in, sadly that did not happen.
      All in all best two days of ogame in this uni. Congratz everyone,
      ALEX FR, please stay, we can all just go to v-mode if we loose you and 25B is not problem for us to recover ;)
    • A pleasure flying with you all, as always.

      Its a shame we didn't get the big battle everyone was hoping for. I had my Hawaiian shirt and budgie smugglers ready for a long vacation after the dust settled but it wasn't meant to be. Back in the draw they go.

      Still, a great result, all things considered. We have revenge for Thrust and the fight goes on.

      Typically @Lord of Ice has not given himself remotely enough credit. He put a superhuman effort into tracking Zagy, only for Zagy never to recall, and never stopped pushing us on even when Thrust went down and all looked lost. He deserves all the glory for this hit.

      It's an ugly result for Alex. Hopefully you rebuild, it would be a great shame for your recycled fleet to be used to pay off th res Zagy borrowed to build his hideous turtle. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

      Dedications for me go as always to the traders keeping me flying, and the whole AzraelD team for trying to keep us sane during the hit.

      Until next time.

      The post was edited 3 times, last by Firestorm ().

    • Was really hoping for big boom!
      I really hope alex would stay, otherwise we are fooked, and i would say both asreals and noemo alliance
      Loosing one alliance (us i mean hahh) would be really bad thing
      Gg for lanxing, i can imagine the effort you put into it
      Gg on this, fr to us
    • Now this is what ogame is about! Such hits with deacription, with decent responses from the other side, with no hate ... loved it.

      Fast rebuild Alex. It’s unpleasant, but doable.

      Congrats attackers in the hit. I know this feeling when the moon pops and there is a looooong way to go:)

      Shame on Gameforge. There where never so many disconnects when I was growing up :)
      Too bad we didn’t get to see the big hit... next time, maybe?!

      Once again - congrats to the both sides ( referring to renegade hit also)

      Keep it this way.

      There are no enemies in ogame - only adversaries. It’s a game.

      GG WP
    • bad luck, only way to put it.. we were lanxing and as the countdown went we were wtf, theyre not slowing down, WTF!!! we messed up and you messed up in the worst possible moment lol.. lanx again see someone still flying.. damn its alex.. felt like we stabbed him in the back..

      Alex i hope you stay, its literally 1 week to gather those ress..

      gratz on the hit, it was a fun two days :)

      btw i think gameforge should reward us for all the dm spent yesterday :D
      "When we are good they never remember, when we are bad they never forget."
    • patkica wrote:

      bad luck, only way to put it.. we were lanxing and as the countdown went we were wtf, theyre not slowing down, WTF!!! we messed up and you messed up in the worst possible moment lol.. lanx again see someone still flying.. damn its alex.. felt like we stabbed him in the back..

      Alex i hope you stay, its literally 1 week to gather those ress..

      gratz on the hit, it was a fun two days :)

      btw i think gameforge should reward us for all the dm spent yesterday :D
      team work my noobs,Still don't get it how u missed it...

      dont make me angry...
      Proud to be a Serb!!
      See you in Space...
    • we all knew what would you do and i wrote it down in 3 chats and asked guys DO YOU GET IT? only god knows why alex didnt recall his fleet
      Being strong doesn't mean you'll never get hurt. It means even when you get hurt, you'll never let 'em defeat you.
    • Lord of Ice...... should be renamed to Lord of Machines.... he just motored through 48 hours with basically no sleep.... your a god damn machine !!!!
      As @patkica says..... GF must have had 1 hell of a woody yesterday from all the DM spent on both sides!!!! recon this hit made GF enough to keep going for a few more years :rofl:
      A shame it wasnt the full bang we were all waiting for, but the excitement that led up to hit is what the game is all about !!! Im sure NoEmo would also agree on this. Lots of good banter between them and us
      Kudos to Firestorm, Iceman, Pirate Andy , Heretic and Isaac for being prepared to go through with the hit with a good possibility that only their rips would survive :D talk about putting your c0c on a block !!!!

      ps. ANY1 selling deut, Contact Lord of Ice.... or anyone in Azrael D
      Top 10's - 8
      Retired - uni's 3,4,8,19,Electra, Japetus
      Current - Uni's 1, Virgo
    • Well what can i say, it’s been great fun. The ogods both cursed us and smiled upon us at the same time. That’s the game. Well played Nemo for making it competitive, the sim looked pretty fun.

      GL with whatever you choose ALEX, you paid for being prepared to defend a friend. I can think of worse ways to go down.

      Lmao at Deadly “not getting how you missed it” coming from the guy who onlined before we hit his main and sent sarcastic messages before moving his fleet so got owned :rofl:

      It was a pleasure flying with the team again. But Ice, you are a machine man. This is all you. I’m glad you’re on my side!
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    • Incredible stuff Lord Ice to put all that hard work in and get logged out at the crucial moment and still come away victory make you laugh and cry at the same time lol I think Andy mentioned the Ogods :hail: :hail: :hail: they are cruel and kind all that Dm spent on both sides should appease them for a while.. :hail: :hail: The big boom is coming Virgo stay tunered for more action :borg:
      "I will MD with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to raid and crash my brothers, and you will know my name is Mafaka when i send my recy upon thee"