​Heroic Battle Report of the 1st Place​

    • Defense bash

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    • ​Heroic Battle Report of the 1st Place​

      Platz1 Hell was today the opinion to have to punish me, because I outbid him in the auctioneer .....

      here the fight report

      Hell 20.03.2019 12:12:53
      You have been outbid! 20.03.2019 09:25:22
      From: Auctioneer

      Player Nike has outbid you in the auction for the following item:

      Duration: 1w

      The new bid reads: 1.002.000

      Auction ends: Auction completed

      Go to the auct
      -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
      I am ashamed yes, but I will continue to do it;)
      First he came with 3 wave death stars and now with 1850.
      Whether he destroys the moons of half the universe or flies meaninglessly into Deffesive .... you're not destroying this universe with your style!