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    • Fleet Ratio

      I have a wonder how to build my own fleet.
      Thus I request for your advices to form my fleet.
      My opinion for the fleet ratio is :

      Fighter : Cruiser : Battleship : Battle Cruiser : Destroyer : Death Star
      5.000 : 1000 : 500 : 100 : 100 : 1

      I hope this discussion would be productive.
    • it highly depends on your playstyle and parameters: speed/age/etc.

      if you want some "balanced" fleet, capable to deal with different cases, you probably need something like:
      LF/HF/cruisers/SC/battleships/BC/dessies ~ 36/18/9/9/3/3/1.
      you need HF only if you want to crush equal+- fleets.
      the amount of SC (small cargos) is defined by the biggest miner fleets you destroy.
      RIPs: not sure if anyone except some biggest fleeters (and with good teammates to cover its recall) should really consider it. may be just for some MD usage.
      recyclers: highly depends on DF rates, deut consumption rates and your fleetsave (VM or not?), because recs require too much deut to save. if you save it, build ~ BCs+battleships+dessies for 50% df anf 1.0 deut cons. rate.

      P.S. opinion of some stranger. interesting topic.
    • hi,

      As said before, a lot of it has to deal with the age of uni and where you fit in in the whole scheme. I like conversations about how to build a fleet, and ive come to learn that you'll probably experience more success if you have a target. Sure, a balanced fleet is hard to kill. However, its not hard for those overwhelming fleets when they come and over kill is sent flying at you. Rippers if you have support, destroyers to kill rips, bc to kill bs, bs for extra power but debatable on its usefulness during certain stages of the game) cr to kill LF. And LF help a even fight go one way, sc help with fodder too. Recy are defintly needed in higher df universes but not as much as you use to with the new modifications GF added to their cargo capacity.

      Find a target, run sims, plan out future days to gain the res for your goals. Oh, and don't even out your fleets with even numbers, clear sign you're probably a noob lol

      Theres also planet raiding but i got no advice for that other than LF raids :)

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    • Thank you, Karma. I am actually a noob to be a good fleeter.
      I agree calculations for raids are important.
      My purpose is not building strong fleet but to be effient fleet, economical and effective.
      Now I decide to change the ratio,
      LF CR BS BC Des RIP
      1,000 100 600 100 100 1
      1,000 100 300 100 2