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    Due to multiple greavencs We the Declare war on FaL for the following reasons:
    Dark Wolf's FALSE Accusations.
    Dark Wolf's Attempts to defame us by using a single snipit of a conversation out of context to sway public opinion
    Dark wolf's continued slander of people of whom tried to help him..

    Please note that we do not hold the other members of FaL accountable for HIS ACTIONS. None the less we will not be called cheaters spys or allow the behavior of one individual tarnish us.. Thus we DECLARE WAR..

    This war will continue until one of two conditions are met.

    Dark Wolf will publicly appologise to the REJECTED for false statements and admit the truth to the uni that he slanted the perspective to use for his own agenda. Using a statement out of context without showing the whole story. And multiple vulger insults.

    Or Dark wolf resigns from the Dorado Uni.
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  • Chocy wrote:

    So a war with no end... This will be fun.
    It will end.
    As soon as Fallen
    Dark Wolf.
    Since Dark Wolf
    is the object
    of the affections
    Rejected will
    call an end
    to the war.

    You can't
    declare war
    on an individual.
    But with
    the first war
    in this universe
    I don't mind
    if the objectives
    aren't well thought out.

    One thought:
    has enough members
    to make
    Dark Wolf's life
    Six attacks per member.
    Yeah, he'll hate life.
    Game Operator for Uriel
    Please send any compliments for how awesome a job I am doing to my SGO: Valent :thumbsup:
    Game Rules
    Terms & Conditions
  • NoMoreAngel wrote:

    How to declare a war:

    To properly declare a war the thread must have the title “[declaring player/alliance] vs. [alliance/alliances]”.
    War can be declared on multiple alliances, but not by multiple alliances. If allied alliances want to declare a war on an alliance they must create separate threads.

    Be advised An alliance is only allowed to declare war against ten other alliances (wings are considered an alliance). This can be done via ten different war declaration threads, one declaration thread against ten alliances, or any mix thereof that adds up to a total of ten wars. This only applies to alliances declaring war. This does not limit the number of wars an alliance can be involved in. For instance, you can have twenty alliances declare war on a single alliance (this does not effect the quota of the single alliance). Each war must have it's own "CR-Thread".

    A single player may declare war but only if they do not have an alliance. If they are in a single person alliance, it must be disbanded before the war starts.

    Neither an alliance nor a single player can declare on a single player (even if that player has an alliance of which he/she is the only member).

    There are two threads allowed for each war: the declaration thread and one combat report "CR-Thread". The "CR-Thread" is for combat reports only and any posts on this thread that do not have a CR will receive a spam warning.
    All CRs must follow the Combat Report Rules and should be converted using CR Converters or similar.

    Further Guidelines
    • Only members of the warring alliances may post in a "CR-Thread".
    • Espionage attacks and attacks where there is no resource captured and neither attacker nor defender suffered any losses are not valid and will be warned as spam.
    • IPM (interplanetary missile) attacks are allowed in "CR-Threads".
    • Links to combat reports are allowed, but not encouraged.
    • For a war to be valid, it must be in this section. Archived war threads (Declaration and CRs only thread) are no longer valid.
    • If multiple alliances want to fight against each other, they can declare a war with fixed conditions, eg. no IPMs, or targets that can get reached and end an war.
    • All users that will participate in the war need to be named with their current points in the wardeclaration. Tables of all members of an alliance can be easily found on those two pages: (search for the alliance and click "other information") or (a screenshot attached via the attachmentfunction is enough too)
    • If a player leaves one of the warring alliances, the bashlimit will be active on him again 12 hours after he left the alliance.

    If you want the war to be valid, then you guys better take a look at this and adjust your war declaration accordingly
    Read the full version here

    Oi! You are taking my job lol


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  • More like your not using my acc as another set of mines for yourself to make gains after you have set me up, then got my thread deleted because well yeah some serious piping going down now :censored: while you bash my planets, keep trying to gain your shattered glory back your cheat end off,

    It's only a game for sure a game that I like, but that's just changed for the good, just goes to show how one sided it is

    warned for insult

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  • Dark.. Dark dark.... Its like listening to the dems in my government screaming Collusion with Russia......

    Muller reported No collusion no obstruction...

    So that was a lie... Lol

    You bashed our reputation.... Instead of responding in words we :missilelauncher:
    :rocketlauncher: Respoded with action... I had told you bears eat wolves... Watch discovery channel...So instead of owning up and putting an end to it you are still here spouting the same old same old... :headbanging: :headbanging: :headbanging: :headbanging:

    So here we wait for you to stop hiding.. Mean while watch you break rules and abandon your mates....... :fie: