Number 8 Solo - [TOT: 191.631.000] C0OLW00D [FSB] vs. Slowhands [IBFI] (A: 34.504.000, D: 157.127.000) (TP 137.125kk)

    • Top 10 Solo

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    • Sarsaparilla wrote:

      OctaviusBlack wrote:

      Nixian wrote:

      ThePacifist wrote:

      I assume this is a returned deploy lanx? If I'm right. I'll give some credit for skill on that. However one wonders why you don't mention that in the post? Oh probably because you're a troll and that was troll bait. Anyway nice hit, keep building your fleet, so when you get crashed again the df will be bigger <3.

      Glotr def
      Still no story about how he caught the deploy initially ^^ MD? Stupid defender? etcJust a bunch of oscar speech ^^
      Off:@Nix i will explain in short detail what happend

      He noticed a deploy planet from planet ( i won't say mistake since mistake is moon to planet and not planet to planet , not on the size of such a fleet.) they guy did a 10h or more fs and mostlikely was not on when ships arrived [people have a stupid way of playing this Be on 1-2h before fleet arrives !!!! Within that period you can spot a future hit even by spy reports ....LEARN !!!]

      And timed attack to the deploy and did a standard hit , you notice by follow ups guy was off the entire time or parial of the hits and went vmode by renzuki's account .

      Yes a good hit in terms of profit but nothing special so yes not trying to blast your hit.

      Fr def enjoy profits attacker and start getting your head out of your ass .
      FINALLY !!!
      an honest reply from the other side...

      THIS is what makes the game better for all, when opposing sides can acknowledge good work by their 'enemy'

      again, nice damn hit, VFR defender if you choose.

      Excellent hit @renzuki, even though we don't see eye to eye on what is constituted as "truth" gotta hand it to ya!

      @Sarsaparilla, why does the even have to be "Enemies", ya hit and get hit, it's the name of the game right?

      Look forward to seeing some nice hits coming soon and @Irishflash, prayers are with you man and hope that you beat this shit and that it doesn't spread any more! Knowing that that is why FU2 and FSB came together helps me feel confident in congratulating everyone, even @renzuki in coming together to make the game fun again; i know to a much much much lesser degree how the game can help distract from the stressors(self inflicted or not) of real life!

      The_Hulk - Libra