Restructuring of the board

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    • Restructuring of the board

      Dear Players,

      as you know we are going to get a few communities merged into our board. Our board will then get more sections for the other communities that join and some of those communities will use our sections. With all those sections our current board would look cluttered and everyone would need to scroll a long time to find things, that's why the Gameforge requires us to slim down our current layout.

      So far our plan looks like this:
      1. Close the "Rules" section and move the threads into the respective sections
      2. Close the "Help&Questions" subsections and create labels for "Board", "Game" and "Bug". The "FAQ&Guides" section would get moved into an archive and linked in the "Help&Questions" section
      3. Close the "Bugs" section as it will be in the "Help&Questions" section with a label
      4. Keep the "General" and "Feedback & Criticism" section, move the "Team members" and "Goodbye Forum"
      5. Close the "Tools, Scripts and Sims" section. It will get a complete overhaul.
      6. Resort the universe section (there is no plan yet in which way it should get sorted)
      7. Close the "Creative Corner"-Category. This includes the "RP-Area" and "Fan Art" sections. The sections would get archived and depending on how the other communities had their sections we would create a global "Creative Corner"
      8. Close the "Entertainment and Tech" section and create labels for it in the "Discussionboard" section
      9. Rename the "Discussionboard" (name hasn't been decided yet)
      10. Rename the "User Introduction Boards" to "Introduction&Goodbye-Board" and move the threads from "Team members" and "Goodbye Forum" into here
      11. Hide the archives from the Boardlist so that it doesn't get shown all the time
      Please let us know your feedback to this. Some of the sections might also get labels to make them internationally accessible that aren't listed as such on the current list.
      These things will happen after we moved to wbb5, when that will happen isn't known yet.

      Your OGame Team.

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief

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