Account deleting doesn't work!

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    • Account deleting doesn't work!

      Browser-extensions / Addons: Please deactivate them! No Support with Addons.

      Bug description
      • On which action did the bug appear: Quantum
      • How does the bug show itself: It doesn't show at all.
      • Screenshot to show the problem better (only if needed and please only upload the needed sections, not your whole desktop)
        (Pictures need to be embedded via https URL)
      General data for the bughunt
      • Internetbrowser with versionnumber: Tried with both Mozilla Firefox (latest version) and Google Chrome (latest version)
      • Does the bug also appear in other Browsers?: Yes
      • When using mobile / tablet - which operating system do you use: Windows on laptop, Android on phone.
      • Internetserviceprovider and connectiontype (LAN/WLAN/Mobile-Data):
      • OGame Version in which the bug appeared: 6.8.5-pl1
      • If this action created an API-ID, please share it:


      I really want to delete all my accounts, this last one is being a pain by not being able to be deleted! Deleted all the accounts in my lobby (2x NL, 1x IT, 1x US, 1x ORG) All the others except .org are being deleted this sunday. Please fix it, this account has to be deleted. :) Thanks.
    • Hi,

      There was a bug that was discovered/uncovered/made public during the last merge phase where players (at least in .org) couldn't delete their accounts.

      The solution in the end was to escalate tickets to @piink so each case could be dealt with at a higher level.

      I advise that you submit a ticket (including the server information where the account is in the drop-down provided (so many players forget to do this)).

      The ticket will be processed and your problem dealt with!

      That being said, it's a shame to see you leave :(

      Is there anything we can do to change your mind? :wbb:

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