Top 03- blind return [TOT: 96.599.655.500] No_one [Ususpect] vs. NINJA [IMPERIAL] (A: 28.786.295.000, D: 67.813.360.500)

    • Top 10 Solo

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    • Dark Depresion wrote:

      Grimm wrote:

      Wait a second, so who got the DF? Did Ninja get all of the DF?

      If that's so then I can't really say this was a good hit, aside from the numbers involved.

      FR for both.
      Serisouly?! Both parties commented in the thread saying how much they got...gonzo got about 14 billion and ninja about 21 billion
      I only read Ninja's first post(skipped the rest) and couldn't quite understand what gonzo meant. Sorry bout that.

      Then both got huge losses. Feel sorry for them. Not trying to disrespect Ninja here, I have nothing against him at all, but would've liked for Gonzo to have all of that DF so he could grow stronger and liven things up even more in the future of this Universe. He is pretty much the only one that can stand up at this point.

      Now, how is he going to build all those losses when he can't stay more than a couple of hours without vmode?
    • Nice mess, sucks about the DF. You are one of the better players and always entertaining. Hope you rebuild and keep it moving.

      Glotr Def...DF and WF will make it a lot faster no doubt
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