Solo 2 - Revenge Hit [TOT: 1.182.927.000] NikS [Zoo] vs. Yulia [IMU] (A: 289.093.000, D: 893.834.000) TP = 415M

  • Top 10 Solo

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  • Voonda wrote:

    york wrote:

    Every time a player is succesful, high in ranks - straight away accusations on boting. Im not sure it s jelousy or just lack of imagination of how to play more efficiently.
    its mostly the jealousy and the lack of skillsyou are really without skills if you need to do a trap as such performed here
    if you get farmed, it means you are profitable
    and profits are profits
    thats the purpose of the game
    and if you get farmed, its your own fault, not the one that farms
    so stop whining like a child about that

    and NIKS, SHAME on you
    1 you did a really nasty thing
    2 you tried even to deny after it on the board after you first admitted it


    if I would still play, I would come after you and hunt you down even for no profits
    but Im happy I have a life now and dont play this game anymore
    I just jump in on the boards and every time I regret I do that when I see those shamefull hits

    quitting ogame was my best decision in years
    l explained everything that happened.
    How can u hit yulia ?? or bot users we want to learn.
    u said 'if I would still play, I would come after you and hunt you down even for no profits'
    you can be sure that I would have already hit you before you hit me. :fatgreengrin: :fatgreengrin:
    and also l accept I chose a dark path but yulia deserved it,because he is dishonor player and he is not fleeter.
    l tried to hit him so many times with properly moves but everytime he could escape when he was offline.