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    • Black Hole Hype

      Hello ogamers and rest of space nerd fans! We all have stumbled at some point upon the terrible report you never want to read on expeditions:

      "The only thing left from the expedition was the following radio transmission: Zzzrrt Oh no! Krrrzzzzt That zrrrtrzt looks krgzzzz like .. AHH! Krzzzzzzzztzzzz... Transmision terminated"


      "The last transmission we received from the expedition fleet was this magnificent picture of the opening of a black hole."

      But not this time. Because by tomorrow we will be looking, for the first time in human history, at the first picture of a real black hole! And not just an artistic representation but a picture (as good as it can get) of our own Milky Way centered black hole!

      So fasten your seatbelts everybody! Because we are about to lose transmision....Krzzzzzzztzzzz...

      Pirate of Kallisto wrote:

      I care what i care...
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    • Anyone else a little underwhelmed by this? I probably sound like a stupid layperson here but they hyped it up so much and gave a big reveal date and said it's the culmination of a 200 person research team over 10 years and, well, I was kinda hoping for something a little more ... awesome.

      I get that it's 50 million light years away and extremely faint and black hole photography is cutting edge and super difficult ... but I saw a very similar photo to this last week when my 3 year old took a picture on my phone with his finger over the lens and flash.

      It also didn't help that the article I clicked on to read about it was a bit of a bait and switch, then black hole image next to the link was a beautiful artist's representation of a black hole but within the story they revealed the actual image you see above.

      Well, now that I've crudely criticized years of scientific progress with zero understanding whatsoever, I'll return to eating this bowl of ice cream.