Random Idea...

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    • Random Idea...

      For years before returning to Ogame I played 2 other games.. Nations of War and Game of War... Every 3 months they would have universe battles.. Basically merged 2 universes for 24 hours for a tournament. The victor uni would get some kind prize... In the tournament every one in the universe would have to work together..... It seemed to quell some of the animosity that occurred in the game..

      In the dying universes at the end of the tournament there would be a permanent merger... The winners would keep the uni name..I know it would be a challenge since many players play in more than one universe..
      Was wondering if that would be an Idea for here... What does Dorado think?
    • The only way I see that working is on a level playing field starting at day zero with no DM or other advantages.

      Of course, you're still going to have people complaining that other people are able to be online more than others because people will always complain about something.

      IMO, the only thing that's going to save a 1x speed uni(that people want to see remain 1x) is if Game Forge makes Dorado a permanent target for people that decide that they want to slow down or they just weren't prepared for a speed uni.

      Or maybe even let new players start an account at a progressively higher point value based off average score of uni somehow. Research levels already completed to a point, a few colonies based off astro with some free relo to start, etc. Though I imagine that would be a nightmare for GF to code fairly.

      In the interim it would be nice if people quit that they offer their accounts up for new people to take over.

      If we go speed, I'll most likely pass my account on to someone else.
    • There is no uni, well besides Galatea, we can do tournament and win. Or stand a chance even, we will be spanked so badly. Even if TDA,DOP,NoEmo and rejected united our fleets, yep we will be spanked. To oblivion and beyond.

      For merge - Galatea is our target, pretty sure for that. How and what specs we will get is beyond me.

      Uni2 - Uni 12 - Andromeda - Retired.

      Dorado - Active.