BAN for MD + ACS defend action?

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    • BAN for MD + ACS defend action?

      I was just wondering could a player get banned for destroying his ally's moon?
      It was an MD + ACS defend action on ally for purpose of saving his fleet and destroying the attacker's.

      If anyone has some usefull tips and advice i would appreciate it!


      ps. me and my ally were banned for just that reason while doing NO1 hit on, so i wanna see what you all say about that, as i never heard someone got a ban for that

      here is a link to a specific fight (u will need to register an account there if u wanna see the fight)…d-SOA-Shockwave-SOA-N-38/

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    • He could not be banned as he did nothing wrong related to the rules,

      Aswell, i would be more then happy that a ally member noticed some one attacking me and take time to blow up my moon to defend my fleets. At the end its only a moon that i would have lost instead of all fleets maybe... dont know whole story
    • NoMoreAngel wrote:

      Sounds like a normal advanced tactic for me and I never saw someone getting banned for it.

      I wouldn't call it advanced but yes. This is perfectly within the rules. Obviously there are rules that may apply to it such as pushing etc. but that's another can of worms.

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    • Museko Style wrote:

      hello everyone

      thank you for your time in advance
      i have a question or two

      1. is it against the rules to destroy a moon of a member of your alliance?
      lets say you send a defend missiion on the moon and then destroy it so you defend his planet and the atacker is not able to see your fleet on the lanx

      2. is it against the rules to reush a fleet of a member of your alliance?
      lets say your teammate got lanxed in a 3s lanx and you send in an attack 1s before the enemy and crush n recycle your teammate, eventualy you give him the ress but is that move legal?

      so in bouth scenarious you are atacking or destroy mission on a friend, on your buddy list, in your alliance, in his knowledge, to get gains and destroy the enemy of your alliance

      thank you for your time and aswers…ule-Clarification-Thread/

      interestingly enough, i asked preety much the same thing, linked to te same event on hr domain but got only 1 answer with no staff
      happy to see some GO answering our questions :D