Top 01 - [TOT: 69.465.714.000] Mafaka [Azrael D] & Heretic [Azrael D] & Lord of Ice [Azrael D] vs. Fatalni [NoEmo] (A: 14.403.743.000, D: 55.061.971.000)

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    • What to say,nice effort and results attackers,this was well executed,congrats.
      Fatalni my man we all know that ull be back stronger in no time and congrats to you,it took 3 of them to mess u up and u still mannaged to crush 14bn of their fleet,solid work both sides :)
      Current Uni:Virgo
      InGame name:Dig Bick
    • Leave it to Zagy to pop in make sure we all know how low the skill level in this uni is.
      Make sure you all know, you all suck really bad and the only reason anyone does any good is cause he all allows us to do good.

      Why I bet he told Fatty to FS that way just so he could give us a little push. Truly, Zagy is just trying to push us forward to give himself a handicap. He just wants a REAL challenge.

      Thank you Zagy for your grace and mercy. We all know we suck. We all know you are the only one who is actually good here, in all of .org.
      Zagy is so good, he doesn't have to play. Even if he isn't in the universe, he is still number one.

      I think it is funny when Fatty gets crashed, he somehow came out ahead or just as well as the crashers.
      Albi, I like you, but this comes off a bit like Tuna. Don't be Tuna, mate. :censored:

      side note: I like how the guy who got moon popped from a ss over is cracking on his ally mate to fs properly. I think you just mistake the skill of the uni with the skill lvl of your own ally.

      Warned for insult.

      - Marshmello

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    • Zagy wrote:

      finally, We all were waiting for someone to crash fatalni, he didn't wait up for his fleet in ages and allways fs on his own df. He was basically proof that this uni is really low on skills. We all knew it will happen and we were allways saying to him to do proper fs, he never cared, that's the outcome.
      well excellent hit and profits.
      VFR Fatalni.
      I took a few happy snaps after the battle.. Zagy i think you are actually in 1 of them in the background lol And we can all see your fleet saving skills :flexmuscles:
      "I will MD with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to raid and crash my brothers, and you will know my name is Mafaka when i send my recy upon thee"
    • Given the chance...
      I've never played a uni this long. I've done a lot of my Ogame firsts here.
      I came in with a basic knowledge and about as noob as you can get without being completely green.
      I came in day 1. I got to the top within a few weeks. Built and put together what amounted to the top alliance for the majority of the universe.
      I would hate to lose anyone at this point, such a incredible group,
      but I intend to shut this mother down.
      Unless someone puts me down of course. ^^

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    • Thanks everyone for the feedback, it's much appreciated and I hope you enjoy the show.

      We can see, while Fatty is showing great levels of maturity, that once again Zagy being a bad sport, sort of becoming the norm in his case, but it's all good because in the end he is really just downputting his own alliance, whether he realizes or not. The only alliance with enough fleet to make Fatty pay, did do it, so that can't be a knock against us.
      "Ice is a cool guy"

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    • Excellent hit on all sides. Not only the huge numbers and the impeccable technicals and psychology, but also the general sportsmanship on all sides.

      The only disappointing exception to this was Zagy showing up in the thread to talk smack about the defender. That's not good sport, especially from someone in the same alliance! :(

      Fast rebuild and many good hits to the defender.
    • Salty Tuna
      Nothing I love more than Emo, Nemos
      Tell me again how salty you are.
      It nourishes me

      See and Say Tuner says...
      (pulls string)
      Don't worry Fatal. You may have gotten crashed but with the damage you did and the df you recovered, really, you came out ahead.

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    • i was allways realistic. before and now. I mentioned it's great hit and congratulate you on it. Not really sure what else, I just told thruth which could easily seen by anyone tracking fatalni a bit, We all at alliance were amazed he wasn't crashed months ago and that's true that anyone can confirm inside ally. Maybe I should keep that for myself, sorry if that insults you, but I was allways realistic on both our and your side.
    • @Zagy Well, I see what you mean, but you are kinda exaggerating how easy it would be - 3/4 of the time he was online for his fleet, if we started probing he was more careful, we tried pre fires a few times but with bad timing, this time the timing was much better.

      As for the DF FS, we did not have any interest in sacrificing 1-2BN or more worth of probes / LF in order to beat any possible decoys. On most days he left 3-4 moons where he could have FSed according to activity etc. But this time I was 100% sure he FSed at thub.

      Maybe Fatty was not using decoys and it should have been done a long time ago, but I choose not to underestimate my opponents (that's Heretic's job) and so I assumed he was smart enough to have 3-4 decoy fleets before his harvest. Maybe it's not the case!

      Also, for us it was a safer option to pop your deploy moons first before trying Fatty, because I was 100% sure we could get your moons down, and only 50% sure about Fatty
      "Ice is a cool guy"

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    • I wouldn't put much to it.
      We did something.
      As far as Zagy is concerned, it was probably set up as a push.
      If anyone does any good, anywhere, it is because he allows it, or because he simply is not playing.
      He is just being realistic.
      Obviously, if we nailed Fatty, it was way easy and way overdue.
      He is probably lucky that the Filthy Casuals and Miner didn't get together to crash him.
      I mean, this uni is obviously full of no skill players.
      He is just being realistic after all...

      Every time Zagy sends something, all I hear
      The JackA :censored: says
      (pull string)

      I'm going to turn on my salty cry baby ignore function so I don't have to see sad sack messages from the best player in the God given universe of Ogame.
      :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
      Nah, I'm just joking. Half the fun is watching Nemos squirm

      edit: Pardon my insensitive nature. I called Tuna fishes an insensitive and non PC name. That is not COOL! So many apologies.

      Warned for trolling.

      - Marshmello

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    • I'm really amazed how you're attacking me of being bad sport and I allways wrote from day 1 that I rejoined that you're far above our level. Currently only patkica and fatalni can play on level you play, I'm nowhere near that and for sure won't be before summer ends and till then I'll probably be far behind by fleet and everything, plus now we stand no chance in defending ourself even on 5:8 so I either need to wake up every night or I can fall anytime, same goes for other members as well. We no longer have fleets in our hands.
      Hope this clarifies everything. I have no high opionon in this uni neither do I have in myself. If mentioning this insults everyone I'm really sorry. Basically only one that actually is doing something in this uni is you @Lord of Ice and patkica, others are just figures. Including me as well.