Solo 9 - [TOT: 553.733.000] NikS vs. NICOMEDIA [TPC] (A: 13.562.000, D: 540.171.000)

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    • Mavericks wrote:

      Annohilator wrote:

      ps: try to learn english quit using google translate.

      Annohilator wrote:

      Who do you think you are to teach me morality.
      Because talking about someone's English and how they need a better way to relay their replies is not related to the game. So discussing how he needs a better way to translate his words will prompt a warning from me. If you want to dispute this, I will gladly provide you a warning. Otherwise, I suggest you stop insulting people's use of Google Translate. Some people have a hard time with English and while our rules are English only, they shouldn't be forced to learn an entire new language because a forum user says so.
      @Mavericks i suggest you to try to understand what you read and know that at the edge of my fifties you are the last one who can advice me about morality. first of all all i wrote for niks reply was showing what i ment. It is fully cheeky and shameless so i talked about it and said dont express yourself in this manner so that maybe some can sow you the respect that you're seeking. what is insulting in this. and as ps i said try to learn english. what is wrong with it? It was a proper suggestion to one to improve himself. If you cant read the whole and judge it by that way you can pormpt me a warning that doesn't mean anything to me. So be it, you can satisfy yourself as you wish i really don't bother.

      @Nik$ If you act like the ones you criticize, you will not be any better. If someone is humiliating you you can simply report instead of slang talk. In some cultures the words you spoke / wrote are cause of serious crimes! You don't have right to offend someone's virtue. As i said even not giving an answer is better then lowering yourself.
    • Nik$ wrote:

      Annohilator wrote:

      Mavericks wrote:

      Congrats on the top ten! Lemme know when you would like it moved!

      Annohilator wrote:

      ps: try to learn english quit using google translate.
      So what if he is, why should he stop using it? Who are you to tell him to not use it? This board has a variety of players in it from different communities. Rag on them for their game skill or their trolling ability. But to attack him for having to use Google translate, shame on you! Learn to be open minded mate!
      It was just a suggestion not an attack. Look at his speech then talk to me like that. Who do you think you are to teach me morality. If its about it check what niks said to people here.
      I've always tried to keep respect rules for my style of speech.l never want to speak trash talk,humiliating or bad style.
      l am playing this game for fun and nice chat.But everyone is trying to humiliate,blame,trash talk to me.
      Most players comment all my battles '' that battle is push'' or similar things.Everyone think about me '' cheater''
      l gues Half of the universe has sent 100 tickets about me to GO team.But l am here l havent got banned since the universe opened.The only truth is that all discourses are unfounded.Most cheater already banned by GO team.
      I'm so bored.If someone tries to humiliate me, he gets the answer from me

      it is a simple.

      you forgot to mention your superdirty trap vs Yulia... a player who fullfills all conditions that you use on yourself to be claimed as 'clean'
      so think twice before you call yourself an innocent angel!!!

      on the google translate: fuck off!!! communication is a message from A to B and if that message comes through, it doesnt matter how the language is used!!! its very wrong idea to think everybody in the world speaks perfectly english... you are not alone on the blue ball you english colonist thinking racists