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    • Looking for account

      My understanding is @C4azyD is in need of a deut trader. I'm up to the challenge, because i can promise you, this is one sunuvabish he won't have the pleasure of muscling around to get his way. You'll pay 2.5:1.5.1 and you'll like every ounce of it.

      Oh, then I'm gonna turn around us use that res to crash your fleet

      Looking for a top 150 account, preferably one w/ good planet feilds, the rest I can fix.
    • yap, onnnit. You'll be the only push I need. Seems you were to coward to come to Fenrir, so I think ole renz is prob gonna come visit you and recycle you. Life's kinda busy, but at the same time, I don't think it will take long to put an old dog down.