ACS 2 - FULL DF SECURED + THIS IS WHY U DON'T FS [TOT: 1.762.778.000] 100ka [KMB] vs. The_Hulk [LoTR] & Judge Dredd [HBH] & Banana [HBH] & Bruce Lee [HBH] & LeontheProfessional [HBH] (A: 1.450.781.000, D: 311.997.000)

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    • ACS 2 - FULL DF SECURED + THIS IS WHY U DON'T FS [TOT: 1.762.778.000] 100ka [KMB] vs. The_Hulk [LoTR] & Judge Dredd [HBH] & Banana [HBH] & Bruce Lee [HBH] & LeontheProfessional [HBH] (A: 1.450.781.000, D: 311.997.000)

      Ladies and Gentleman!
      It's showtime!
      Hurry, hurry, step right up!
      Introducin' the stars of our show, their names are
      You wouldn't wanna be anywhere else in the world right now
      So without further ado, I bring to you

      So the story began around last Friday when Mista Sarsaparillio sent a couple of MDs to 100ka's moon that we know he usually fleetsaves from

      Lo & behold
      We got ourselves a dirty fleetsave to a debris!

      The dudes start punching in some numbers and calculating what they need to take out the returning fleet and called in cavalry from DBears.
      Plan in motion, 1 cargo ship perfectly locked after the returning fleet, and Renz goes "You guys want to try and lock that system before Ice gets there?". A good idea indeed, too bad we were off by a few minutes.
      Relocations commenced, colony ships sent. 2 MINUTES later and Ice has a mobile one slot away from their target. And soon enough, Ice, WhatsHerFace, and WhatsHisName (basically all non v-moded LOVE alliance members) defend 100ka. The Badgers and the Bear were 50-50 between going in for a suicide and recalling.
      Discussions followed, and the decision was made unanimously.

      You can bet that the dudes weren't going to let this go and were going to pay 100ka another visit. Little did any one of us know he was going to make it easier for them not too long after.

      Last night, we get a PM from our favorite wee bashturd that 100ka was sending his full fleet on attack on one of his alliance mates. Coordinates checked, and we see the name.
      The_Hulk? Well...

      "But wait!" KAG goes, "this isn't the actual hulk, this is CuddleFox. Hulk just changed the name before he handed over the account." Well of course he flippin' did. Discussions commenced and screenshots were given.
      Sure enuff, 100ka messed up his usual DF FS and sent it on attack to the planet instead. You'd think after having his moon popped and almost getting his fleet crashed that one time had it not been for the big-mouth crew, he would change his FS, hell he didn't even change the bloody moon he FS'd from!

      "Well..." Flash said,

      Andden the infamous "YAPP!!", "ONNIT!" was yelled out on TS.

      Shoutout to CuddleFox :beer: Thank you for trusting us and having the other Fox in this Uni sit your account while this went down.

      (Permission was granted from CuddleFox to post this)

      On behalf of the gentlemen that are involved in this, this hit is of course dedicated to the HBH alliance. And a big congrats to Flash on finishing his treatments. I said it once, I'll say it again, thank you for being a great inspiration :beer: See what happens when ya play properly? New number ones are made, jeebus!

      And of course a big thank you to the dudes for entrusting me with the board post and the split. I'm sorry for messing it up the first time lol :fatgreengrin:

      On 02-05-2019 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker 100ka [KMB]


      Small Cargo 9.137
      Large Cargo 3.280
      Light Fighter 87.161
      Heavy Fighter 480
      Cruiser 6.931
      Battleship 1.080
      Colony Ship 5
      Recycler 24.169
      Espionage Probe 1.313
      Bomber 3
      Destroyer 327
      Deathstar 12
      Battlecruiser 1.858


      Defender The_Hulk [LoTR]

      Solar Satellite 102
      Rocket Launcher 557
      Light Laser 647
      Heavy Laser 98
      Gauss Cannon 8
      Ion Cannon 14
      Plasma Turret 1
      Small Shield Dome 1
      Large Shield Dome 1


      Defender Judge Dredd [HBH]


      Battleship 819
      Bomber 498
      Destroyer 404
      Heavy Fighter 391
      Cruiser 3.080
      Battlecruiser 691
      Small Cargo 4.368
      Light Fighter 28.031


      Defender Banana [HBH]


      Bomber 483
      Destroyer 427
      Cruiser 3.645
      Battlecruiser 112
      Battleship 3.028
      Small Cargo 12.732
      Light Fighter 34.195
      Heavy Fighter 2.682


      Defender Bruce Lee [HBH]


      Bomber 198
      Destroyer 998
      Battleship 1.997
      Battlecruiser 2.113
      Small Cargo 3.527
      Cruiser 10.156
      Light Fighter 79.286
      Heavy Fighter 1.104


      Defender LeontheProfessional [HBH]


      Battleship 362
      Bomber 159
      Destroyer 153
      Battlecruiser 357
      Heavy Fighter 3.138
      Cruiser 3.201
      Small Cargo 12.011
      Light Fighter 56.570


      After the battle ...

      Attacker 100ka [KMB]


      Defender The_Hulk [LoTR]

      Solar Satellite 66 ( -36 )
      Rocket Launcher 387 ( -170 )
      Light Laser 453 ( -194 )
      Heavy Laser 84 ( -14 )
      Gauss Cannon 8 ( -0 )
      Ion Cannon 14 ( -0 )
      Plasma Turret 1 ( -0 )
      Small Shield Dome 1 ( -0 )
      Large Shield Dome 0 ( -1 )


      Defender Judge Dredd [HBH]

      Battleship 798 ( -21 )
      Bomber 485 ( -13 )
      Destroyer 397 ( -7 )
      Heavy Fighter 339 ( -52 )
      Cruiser 2.928 ( -152 )
      Battlecruiser 671 ( -20 )
      Small Cargo 3.245 ( -1.123 )
      Light Fighter 20.645 ( -7.386 )


      Defender Banana [HBH]

      Bomber 472 ( -11 )
      Destroyer 411 ( -16 )
      Cruiser 3.456 ( -189 )
      Battlecruiser 109 ( -3 )
      Battleship 2.925 ( -103 )
      Small Cargo 9.328 ( -3.404 )
      Light Fighter 25.124 ( -9.071 )
      Heavy Fighter 2.235 ( -447 )


      Defender Bruce Lee [HBH]

      Bomber 191 ( -7 )
      Destroyer 972 ( -26 )
      Battleship 1.929 ( -68 )
      Battlecruiser 2.064 ( -49 )
      Small Cargo 2.635 ( -892 )
      Cruiser 9.659 ( -497 )
      Light Fighter 58.658 ( -20.628 )
      Heavy Fighter 931 ( -173 )


      Defender LeontheProfessional [HBH]

      Battleship 351 ( -11 )
      Bomber 154 ( -5 )
      Destroyer 148 ( -5 )
      Battlecruiser 341 ( -16 )
      Heavy Fighter 2.620 ( -518 )
      Cruiser 3.058 ( -143 )
      Small Cargo 8.910 ( -3.101 )
      Light Fighter 41.933 ( -14.637 )


      The defender has won the battle!

      The attacker lost a total of 1.450.781.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 311.997.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 866.169.200 metal and 454.056.400 crystal.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

      Debris harvested by the defender(s):
      170.500.000 Metal and 170.500.000 Crystal
      406.443.600 Metal and 283.556.400 Crystal
      289.225.600 Metal and 0 Crystal

      Total debris harvested by the defender(s):
      866.169.200 Metal and 454.056.400 Crystal

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)
      Metal: -866.787.000
      Crystal: -476.924.000
      Deuterium: -107.070.000
      The attacker(s) lost a total of 1.450.781.000 units.
      The attacker(s) won a total of 39.655 honour points.

      Summary defender(s)
      Metal: 649.623.200
      Crystal: 363.255.400
      Deuterium: -8.714.543
      The defender(s) made a profit of units.
      The defender(s) won a total of 0 honour points.
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    • Nice profits, i got in touch with some people, 100ka was on some concert last night and knowing him was shitfaced by drugs and alcohol. So cause he partied hard i think he deserves you return df to him :)

      jk ofc

      100ka fr , i love you nontheless

      gj on that defending, the_hulk was my account originally, so i hope new owner will enjoy it :)
      Embrace The Pink Power <3 :love:
    • L M A O.

      The [LOVE] puppet who sold his soul to get ACS defended after his stupid fleetsave, ends up donating to the cause. By doing a stupid fleetsave. And what a considerable donation indeed.

      There's nothing else to say here, except:
      Enjoy those stellar profits and the glory of a new number 1!
      Caught up in the game
    • So glad i could be a part of this hit (behind the scenes)

      Shame i was not available for fleet support though.

      100ka didn't learn from before with the dirty fleetsaving, and the fact HBH like getting their hands dirty.

      Thanks for the support guys!
    • Awesome hit guys! I never suspected 100ka would betray our alliance like he did; I am glad to see retribution.

      Although I have quit Fenrir, I am looking forward to seeing the fight for justice and the decimation of cheaters continuing in there!

      Enjoy the profits guys and thanks for trusting that it wasn't me on the account lol!

      The_Hulk - Libra
    • Congratz on the new #1 guys...was fun listening to all this go down...the quick setting up and arranging

      things to happen...and not one drop of alcohol consumed...think thats a first .. :P

      Great to see flash flying again...the teams backbone, who inspires us and reminds us, everyday, how

      lucky we are to have a true life fighter and best friend always there for us... my <3

      GLOTR 100ka
    • Very nice story behind the scenes "HeirJordan" since I have been in the alliance you have filled in nicely for the guys crunching numbers and fleeting along side them .

      What can I say other then OUTSTANDING JOB guys that DF was gone so fast by the time you refreshed the page I was like " Where is it ?"
      I enjoyed being around to see everything take place and look forward to many more.

      Sarsy you may like to drink but when its time to get down to the nit grit of things your always right by flash's and renz side !

      GLoTr 100ka if you decide to stay in the game

      4 rip kills
      2 Ninja's
      1 moon
    • Mr. Magee as promised, the team, the krew would get your name in lights. Glad to see both Judge Dredd and Banana making their debuts.

      To Miss Mare, great work, love the references and the humor 10/10 and this is exactly why you were the perfect choice for this post.

      The the rest of the team not in the CR but that's with us day in, day out, night in, night out, keep rocking and chiseling away, there's enough room around here to get everyone a piece of cake.

      To the haters, i.e. @asdf aka Jon Snow, because he think's he knows everything, but in fact he knows nothing, and/or primarily these days The Navy crew albiet @YaMaTo aka Tomato and or Sarikurt aka Sauerkraut and the Navy member in hiding featuring @TheLost as himself because he truly is lost and equally clueless. You all are just sideline quarterbacks. Meaning all you do is talk talk talk about this and that and every time its the same ole rob bidi bli blob de rob bidi blo blob, I aint hear a word you said Hipidi hoo bla! I really don't feel I need to quote Herb Brooks again, but the point is still the same. Stop talking, start doing. That means waking up to more than Sauerkraut and Tomato probing me throughout the night. Maybe the vegetable stew crew will start showing they can do more than bait with 'non affiliated' accounts like Dent, Tripitz, etc. Like seriously, were into month 4 of this universe and your still stuck on month one tactics of wait and bait?

      Neways, ole renz and the krew has plans in store for you guys too, and when you actually get your top 10, from the hbh crew making you famous on the right hand side, you can tell us how it was a push then too, crybabies.

      Haters keep hating, we'll keep pissing excellence and give you content to hate on.
    • My very dear Mistress of the NightMare...

      It has been an honor, a privilege, & a joy getting to KNOW you over the last 9 years

      watching you grow into the young lady you have become, seeing your progress in game/life/UNI
      ...not to mention your mad skills @ the google search for terms...

      'GD it Sarsy'

      I count myself blessed to have been someone you chose to let into your circle

      it is very good for us, in WORD and indeed, to be on YOUR KREW

      to the ijitz out there

      Look for me on#Knuck in IRC.

      <+umakhelwane>Sarsa is the reason he talks like that anyway.blame's always Sarsa
      <@Florence>I like that reasoning
      <+Sarsaparilla>EVERYTHING is my fault
    • :gamer: *checking the mins of the last meeting* ....... I'm pretty sure there was someone else on the dinner menu tonight :complaingrumble:

      Oh well :borg:

      Congrats on a New Number One guys, I'm sorry I missed it, on the bright side Princess feels better today :love:

      Flash, good to have you back full time <3

      GLOTR or GLIRL 100ks :beer:

      Thank you Marley :hi: