Faster eco and research?

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    • Faster eco and research?

      So since you guys made new server Galatea that is a little bit higher then our stats is there possibilty to higher our eco up to x2 or x3 because we all know we will be merged in year or less (around 1000 registriered players and i would bet only 300 active players no matter what mmorpg says)

      why am I suggestin this...
      well i heard that some merge of unis were unbalanced for example when Virgo was merged most of payers on Virgo had lower eco then the players from other server and it is hard for all the players that played Virgo to catch them..

      so the suggestion is to at least give us hint when will you merge us or level up our eco few months before merge so we are all equal in top 100 here and there.. :crazy:
    • Nope...keep it 1x all around, that's why most of the players that are active here joined Dorado to begin with. Anyone that joined Dorado with the expectation that it would be full of players was fooling themselves. Ogame just doesn't have the draw it used to and the current body of players have been spoiled by speed for so long that speed unis are the norm and normal speed is too slow for them.

      If anything, make a Dorado a target uni for all those people in speed unis that want to slow it down to a comfortable retirement speed so long as they're in a point spread commensurate with our point ranges (give or take a million points or more).

      If you want speed, join a speed uni or go back to Virgo.

      Enjoy the slow life, I personally like our current retirement speed...
    • as Pagan said, its the only reason a lot players came to Dorado, I for 1 am 1 of those players, after 4 years out, I got an email for the new uni and thought oh why not.
      I would happily see a merger because the uni is very inactive for its age.
      but I would agree with Pagans idea of us being a retirement home kind of uni.

      GF make things very difficult for themselves when it comes to merging, because they don't do many unis of the same or similar properties.

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    • I joined only because it was x1 all around. The moment we get merged with a faster uni I will either give away the account or perma v mode. If people merge into us then fine, but I already play another uni that's fast and dorado is the last remnants of a time before all the ridiculous speeds and i want to keep it that way.
    • I personally after 12 yrs of being off chose this uni due to the speed.. It was most like what I was used to from the beginning..And from what had read that there were new features than what I had played with last time before joining. I agree if there is a merger I personally would prefer that we keep the same speed for everything.. Those coming from a faster uni might actually enjoy our speed. I find it more of a challange.. And much rather keep the time challenge...
    • Ali-G wrote:

      i know man but reality is that we wil be merged sooner or later...
      eventhough i said to dragon few months ago that he joins some other uni he was right in the end..

      Dragon wrote:

      Ali-G wrote:

      lol you can join up on faster uni if you dont like it in there.
      I will quote you, when I asked for this. You can always go back to Virgo, they will surely welcome you.
      I said in this post that you were before you start trolling..
    • I saw you did tbh. I'm just saying that obviously it's not going to. People are happy with X1. If we get merged on a higher speed, we lose the people. A lot of TDA and DoP will quite on higher speed, not sure about NoEmo, I believe DA said something like that. Well let's enjoy slow while we can.

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