Retirement Announcement !!!

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    • Retirement Announcement !!!

      Hi guys.

      l gave away my acc to someone.I'm not playing here no longer and l wont be.I've had really good times.I had fun.

      Thank you all.Some of you will be happy for my retirement :fatgreengrin: even so l understand them.

      Anyway it is so hard for me to say goodbye to a best few friends like @Ramco U 557 l love u guys :love: :love:

      And also most of the time I was arguing,trash talk and be enemy with 300 ally members and PIS ally members l will miss all of u :wbb: :wbb:

      U can still hate me.NP for me :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

      Goodbye guys !! Take care of yourself .....
    • @Nik$

      Always sad to see a good friend and player is leaving. I wish you good luck in real life. It has been great honour & pleasure playing with you.

      See you in your wedding ceremony. U557 and me are looking forward to meet you there and we will definitely have fun on our way to your wedding. (Crazy road trip)

      All the best.