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    • I have just had an issue with my ingame name in Cosmos.

      Original name was Mendicant Bias and then it was changed to Nikta Meldin.

      When i changed how many probes was to be sent on default the name reverted back even though i had not changed the name or even gone near the option?

      Any ideas as to why that happened and if it has happened before?
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    • This is a chrome autofill issue, happens to all of us on chrome. At some point they did something to the autofill that fills in old username in the change username box, then if you change any option on any tab and save it will save your old username. Sometimes it auto submits the new user the first time you go to options...

      I disabled the auto submit in chrome and disabled autofill on ogame, cant remember exactly where I went but google chrome's autofill settings to find it.
    • You don't have to disable autofill in chrome. It's caused by the password autofill in chrome. Find the password associated with that field and delete it from Chrome.
      Settings / [Autofill] Password


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