Player Appreciation Thread

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    • Player Appreciation Thread

      I wish I could offer everyone here a cool surprise like a booster or something, but alas, the folks at Gameforge didn't give me access to the vault. ;(

      I'm pretty happy to be in the community, and the serve as a GO.

      I just thought I'd take @Parsec other side of the same coin and mention something I like that players here do. After all, that's what makes the gears go in this place!

      I invite others to post positive comments either about "in general" or specific incidents.

      Here's mine:

      I appreciate the high level of community involvement the player have. It's really neat to see how excited folks get on the boards about various topics, and how we have good HOF sections but very active and fun Spam sections too.

      GO - Bellatrix & Aquarius & Vega
    • I'm super thankful for the countless hours of sleep I have lost to this game! I am extremely thankful to Flash and Pirates for teaching me the ropes.

      Zen for teaching me patients.

      More recently, Catastrophe for giving me a moon (you are welcome for yours :cookie2: )
      And my whole clan of literal brothers. ( 4 of the 5 I have, have been playing along side of me for over a decade :gamer: ) Started back when StarWars Battlefront II was a thing online on Play Station II. :D

      Thankful to Cobra who introduced me and my older brother to Ogame back then! I friking hate your guts but appreciate you at the same time. If I woulda know what I was getting myself into back in the day.

      Thankful to all the Mod's over the years! Ya'll have been absolutely incredible! Don't listen to the 1% loud mouthed snook's :youcrazy: :Vomit:

      Ain't nobody got time for that.

      Also shout out to the Dookie Flinging Homies [DFH] :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: for teaching me how to take fleets getting crashed, like a man. :blackeye:

      So many memories and looking forward to so many more!
    • New

      I'd like to say that I appreciate everyone on the boards, especially those like Dark Depresion and others who take the time to help out other players by answering their questions and that.

      Almost everyone helps make the forums an entertaining and educational place to hang out, and even if I don't say it much, I'm glad you're all here.