Baby's says goodbye (cry, cry)

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    • Baby's says goodbye (cry, cry)

      Cosmos, i have very sad news for you: baby ally is quiting, they are scared they will end up in our recyclers, so they decide to quit.... Can we make this date 11.may. A silence day for babys, so they can cry all day.. :(
    • Ya'll are late to the troll party. We're already gone and this is old news. Now please find a new topic. OR continue to talk about old news. *shrug*

      Also, to go down the list of specific reasons we quit. Calamity quit because he no longer had the patience for the stress this game imparts.

      Noumpas left for the same reason. Friendly left because Noump and Cala left. I left for a combination of those reasons as well.

      Plus, ya'll are a bunch of :censored: and I'd rather :censored: myself with a rusty crowbar than stick around until C4 relocates, MD's me and recs my fleet with his wallet warrior skillz.

      Don't pretend HIS presence makes us afraid of YOU. in all my months on Cosmos, ya'll never once launched on me. C4 did, about 8 times? always at 12:00 server time with 40K BC and 10K BS.

      He is so easy to predict. In the same way I already know he has made himself a THIRD forum account. Ya'll ain't hard to predict either. You don't know how to troll though. so it was kind of sad reading a memeless post. :(

      Here come the downvotes! Anything to say this time Komr4d? C U Next Tuesday Suckers.
      Cosmos own resident Outlaw Leave your fleet sitting if you want a moonshot <3
    • Yeah, we understand your stress very good, we all know c4 said after he finish lyca, then he relocates to you, I know that feeling, he was also in our ss, so we feel sorry with you and your stress.

      P.s. You had no stress when you know he wont come until he finish lyca, but you didnt expect that will be so fast, so sudennly stress come after you saw df at lyca..
      P.s We fighted with c4 and with stress, we didnt run to vm like *****