ACS 1 - [TOT: 5.435.767.000] PolsMols [300] & Greek God [300] & Ferengi [P_I_S] & Ameno [P_I_S] & kozmonaut [BALKAN] vs. OBEY [Misfits] (A: 1.860.075.000, D: 3.575.692.000)

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    • ACS 1 - [TOT: 5.435.767.000] PolsMols [300] & Greek God [300] & Ferengi [P_I_S] & Ameno [P_I_S] & kozmonaut [BALKAN] vs. OBEY [Misfits] (A: 1.860.075.000, D: 3.575.692.000)

      Hello Europa :hi:

      We made something for the glory here :flexmuscles:

      Much things can and will be said here, so grab some popcorns :zpopcorn:

      So shall we beggin:

      My phone started buzzing like crazy, i knew from half sleep something is happening, fast check discord and we had 355 disco balls on lanx :biggrin:

      Fast collected the gang, and we were w8 for attack on planet to be done so we can prepare to spy, get his techs and work on return :tongue3:

      Then suddenly attack was slowed(will not say for how much or when bacause attacker was a great sport and it would be dumb from me to reveal his tactics) :saint:

      So we all got into it, watchin lanx and if DF will appear on showed slow time or whenever it showed, and it did precisely when we wanted it to show :biggrin:

      Now the noob part of calculating it back, took some time cause you know we felt ahhhh relax we have plenty of time for that what we had indeed, but ya know smokes, beers and thingies, friggin noobs we are :bday:

      Finally we all agreed on the number percentage we shall pursuit and slowly timed recs :this:

      In the meentime we figured ahhh kozmo don't have enought deut, and fast send him deut to fly, got that cover but lost part of his fleet due to lack of time to add it :headbanging:

      You need to know we were all making jokes how we will lose all it is a trap, even telling some nasty jokes that makes us all smiling :buckteeth:

      But hey, i would fly on 355 RIPS on LANX anytime and anyday no matter the loss if we win fight, so would all the boys in here so cheers to y'all mates :beer:

      We were hoping for some profit :canceled:

      We had fun :check:

      And the most important off all, we never retreat we never surender :chainsaw:

      This time not only sim f :censored: us it was simply a human factor, we all do mistakes someday :crazy: :zombie:

      I thank you Ameno for spoting this, i thank you GG for the right time, i thank you Ferengi aka von Cimeries for your jokes, and i thank you Kozmo always for trusting us no matter what <3 <3 <3 <3

      OBEY what to say man, you again proved your HONOR and not only we in this fight, all EUROPA should take their hats off and say you D man because of you attitude, we cartainly are doing that now! :beer: :love:

      To conclude this, where you see our tags PIS BALKAN 300 there is no safe place, i play with damn maniacs <3

      Okay you know the drill now:




      Now enjoy in the NN1 hit, as we enjoyed all the jokes in our madhouse :biggrin: :borg:

      On 13-05-2019 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker PolsMols [300]

      Heavy Fighter 10.088
      Battlecruiser 437
      Cruiser 10.414
      Battleship 4.947
      Light Fighter 100.000

      Attacker Greek God [300]

      Light Fighter 362.760
      Battleship 9.677
      Battlecruiser 3.215
      Cruiser 28.783

      Attacker Ferengi [P_I_S]

      Light Fighter 203.007
      Heavy Fighter 123
      Cruiser 18.004
      Battleship 8.000
      Battlecruiser 6.550

      Attacker Ameno [P_I_S]

      Small Cargo 25.000
      Light Fighter 180.000
      Cruiser 20.000
      Battleship 5.000
      Battlecruiser 7.000

      Attacker kozmonaut [BALKAN]

      Cruiser 10.093
      Battleship 4.000
      Battlecruiser 4.000

      Defender OBEY [Misfits]

      Deathstar 355
      Rocket Launcher 2.000
      Light Laser 2.206
      Heavy Laser 364
      Gauss Cannon 238
      Ion Cannon 14
      Plasma Turret 41
      Small Shield Dome 1
      Large Shield Dome 1

      After the battle ...

      Attacker PolsMols [300]

      Heavy Fighter 8.228 ( -1.860 )
      Battlecruiser 358 ( -79 )
      Cruiser 8.407 ( -2.007 )
      Battleship 4.004 ( -943 )
      Light Fighter 81.043 ( -18.957 )

      Attacker Greek God [300]

      Light Fighter 294.131 ( -68.629 )
      Battleship 7.809 ( -1.868 )
      Battlecruiser 2.601 ( -614 )
      Cruiser 23.351 ( -5.432 )

      Attacker Ferengi [P_I_S]

      Light Fighter 164.429 ( -38.578 )
      Heavy Fighter 98 ( -25 )
      Cruiser 14.584 ( -3.420 )
      Battleship 6.490 ( -1.510 )
      Battlecruiser 5.272 ( -1.278 )

      Attacker Ameno [P_I_S]

      Small Cargo 20.111 ( -4.889 )
      Light Fighter 145.698 ( -34.302 )
      Cruiser 16.314 ( -3.686 )
      Battleship 4.038 ( -962 )
      Battlecruiser 5.701 ( -1.299 )

      Attacker kozmonaut [BALKAN]

      Cruiser 8.173 ( -1.920 )
      Battleship 3.267 ( -733 )
      Battlecruiser 3.254 ( -746 )

      Defender OBEY [Misfits]


      The attacker has won the battle!

      The attacker captured:
      0 Metal, 0 Crystal and 5.831 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 1.860.075.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 3.575.692.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float metal and 785.567.600 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 5.831 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

      Debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      245.940.000 Metal and 245.940.000 Crystal
      305.832.400 Metal and 302.167.600 Crystal
      181.250.000 Metal and 181.250.000 Crystal

      Total debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      733.022.400 Metal and 729.357.600 Crystal

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: -489.963.600
      Crystal: 185.438.600
      Deuterium: -93.164.169
      The attacker(s) lost a total of 397.689.169 units.

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: -1.791.391.000
      Crystal: -1.427.595.000
      Deuterium: -356.711.831
      The defender(s) lost a total of 3.575.697.831 units.
      With regards,Pols.
    • What to say. Great hit guys :hail:

      @Ameno man, nice spotting, great execution by all that took part, congratulation! :beer:

      @von Cimeries you crazy ass, its all your fault! hahahaha

      @kokos man, also want to say great number of eggs, but they are still just to slow, even if this is speed uni. We all sometimes make mistakes and we will end up in some1 recys. I just hope you had some nice lvl of space dock down there... Respect!

      @PolsMols you always had a thing for a story, and when we sum overall, we can say:

      P_I_S On Fire!



      Soon time will come to start preparing for a deep sleep (read: going miners), as my bavarija say, but not yet. Some unfinished things has to be done.

    • First of all i wanna congratulate attackers. I must admit it sucks to be killed for no profit at all but oh well.. at least I made it to the top spot.

      i cannot remember when was the last time i was on this side of the CR but its a game and I payed the price of being too greedy.

      First time i made this mestake i called Kane and GreekGod to defend me. that was a while ago so i did play carefully after that.
      Today i wanted to level one of the biggest turtles in the uni Neethinguhr, so this was actually the 3rd strike. I needed 4 strikes in order to pass through that defense and the plan was to do it in one day (when DARKSIDE is in v mode), so i put them RIPS in full speed. -mistake no. 1
      30 min before hit i saw the DF on one of the other planets and i was sure i was spotted on lanx.. but I hoped it was someone who would let it go ;) - mistake no. 2

      Surprisingly I did get 500-600kk DF so that loss there is a bit smaller. What happend there only attackers know..
      Anyways, I go on
      tomorrow I get one 3rd back
      back to business
    • Gawd DaM.. Here goes the happy bunch for another round
      That's one hell of a kick into kokos ball's

      kokos balls.... get it ? :crazy: :crying:

      Am a fan of your hits guys, you know it already.. this time, was on a brother in arm :P
      Still is a great planification and execution. Its hard to get 5 players together on short notice, you guys have a great communication and its the key in fast uni's from OGame. Hats up to you guys

      Sometimes, its not about the profit but about glory and leaving a Legacy. You guys surely engraved your names into Europa's book. Keep on smashing guys

      Respect to you all

      kokos wrote:

      tomorrow I get one 3rd back
      back to business
      That's what a real warrior is all about. can take a hit and already getting back on is feet. Respect to you my brother. When i saw the msg in inbox and i realised there where nothing i could do, i was very afraid you would quit. You will be back in no time and if theres anything i can do for you, never hesitate to let me know.

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    • Congrats on the top ten :beer:
      Most disco balls I've seen in a CR this uni :golly:
      Nice looking fleets there by attackers

      FR Obey, you have a good attitude about it :stick:
      Current Universes: Europa,
      Former Universes: 3, 18, 30, 35, Jupiter, Nekkar, Quantum, Fenrir
      Basic 20%: 1000+
      Advanced 20%: ~200
      Top Tens: 8
    • I am here for you brothers. I am here 100% my temper and all! Haha! But yes I would follow you gents into Hell and back! Cheers!
      This was fun until then end I guess. It was a shock and awe but to take down so many rips I guess makes a huge new number 1 acs despite the confusion still makes for a decent smash. If we got all df would be a bit different but all is good. Gives defender a reason to stick around. He deserves it for his honor and kind words.
      I get message from ameno saying he see. We make for good time and go. We had a few complications that make for bad sim and that is why we were shocked when the battle finally went down. All is good though this will make us stronger now and we make history in this uni which is almost dead as it stands.

      @Szilo you are missed also
      PIS ON FIRE!

      GLOTR Defender
    • It was fun from the begin until the end.Million mesages on all the languages.Did we get good time,who send what,sim f.. up for debris,i dont have deut on that moon,working night shift,but i do it again whit this crazy crew....
      Def FR-it is not all about profit,just to hit someting big and this is NN1 hit.
      Balkan rulez
      P_I_S on fire
      This is Sparta
    • Congratz on the hit bois,too bad it was on my buddy Obey,wish you vfr man it is what it is.

      @Ramco people tend to meet different people when starting new unis,prime example is me having Obey on buddy list and my alliance hiting him. Meaning my hands were locked during this hit and I didnt even comment it while it was going on,

      Funny thing about this hit is there are more rips than dessies in fight :D :D result = all out massacre and great chance to join my miner union that I started yday.

      PM ingame for entry prices :this:
    • Ramco ramco......

      When Niks hit his mate that he "deleted" from whats'up group 2 days ago from nn1 i saw you didn't comment in this manner, even he was working with that whole alliance :D

      Why you didn't put this comment on that hit why you put this: :thumbsup:

      And one question? Why you run when your bodyguard left? :crazy:

      If you have nothing clever to write, just go around our posts! :cursing:

      FR OBEY once again :check:
      With regards,Pols.
    • GZ on hit great one.

      I think same with @Ramco about kozmo. It is an interesting choise to fly with your alliance member crushers.

      After reading cK post he is also right about New people and relation. But in the end I think 2 things should have happened.

      1. Kozmo should have left BALKAN alliance
      2. BALKAN alliance should have kicked Kozmo for his behaviour.

      But this is just my opinion.

      Anyway again GZ attackers and fr def.
    • LOL-please dont spoil this Hof whit your opinions....
      I will explain fiew things....
      1) I cant menage in witch ally my frends will play-this is their choice not mine!!!
      2) In the day i get spys from many allys, even from 300,P-I-S and others-should i be mad about that?Should i have to be protected becouse fiew of my friends play there-i think not,and if i fall it will be only maine eror-not their!!!
      Citizen crash my team mate and my friend. I am not happy about that but it was only Bago mistake.Should i need to ignore my friends in P_I_S? I was friend whit some of them before thay enter in that ally,some of them were members off my ally, before even P_I_S exist.
      3) And last-I lead Balkan ally,it is my ally,i will not leave my ally for no other ally.Thay cant kick me from MY ALLY,but if my friends from ally ever think that i do something wrong or dishonorbly i will react first and kick myself.
      Now i think that we can stop whit trash toulk... :thumbsup:
    • If u cannot handle other peoples' thoughts or opinions then please do not post anything on board. And if you dare to post, u need to respect them. It does not mean trash talk if someone does not have the same idea with you. Anyone can expose his/her opinion. U can be happy about it, u can be sad about it, u can be upset about it or u can be angry about it. U give proper reply to it if you have of course. And move along. Just be respectful.
      Thank you.
    • Polsmols polsmols lol. (I must say i like your stories)

      Sorry about spamming your HoF. Sorry for started unnecessary discussion here.

      Obey is also my friend from Xanthus and he was also on my buddy list.(before i gave away my account) sorry to see you down my friend.

      Again congratulations!