Cleaner universe part 2 (U557)

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    • Cleaner universe part 2 (U557)

      Today when I logged in, again the air seemed cleaner than ever despite the debris field from Pippoa smashing my sats :stick:

      I take this to mean that U557's impossible growth was not as legit as he pretended :rolleyes2:
      At the rate our rank 1's are getting banned I should be top dog around here in about a month :crazy: :rofl:

      edosila wrote:

      They missed a few accounts of his too
      Getting there :D

      Lonestar wrote:

      Greek God wrote:

      Niks plays now on the heavy pushed account u557. The make accounts merge into it like the old ottoman account now named buy deut. Came out of vaca and u557 was pushed by that account like many others. U557 is now niks for sure

      His disgusting tactics should not be tolerated in this game.
      Idk what you mean, plenty of other people built 8 billion fleet in the last 6 weeks :rofl:

      Current Universes: Europa,
      Former Universes: 3, 18, 30, 35, Jupiter, Nekkar, Quantum, Fenrir
      Basic 20%: 1000+
      Advanced 20%: ~200
      Top Tens: 8

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