A moment of reflection

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    • A moment of reflection

      Brothers and sisters,

      Let us all take a moment to mourn the passing of the Nemo alliance. They shall be remembered for their small piece of history in Virgo and will be part of the top ten section for some time to come.

      Fear not, Azrael D are here to stay as a source of solidarity for all.
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      Uni 44 ASSASSIN - HoFs = 362 (inc. 129 Adv. + 19 Sup. Adv. + 1 Top 10 ACS)
      RIPs Killed = 1497

      HoFs Against = 0
    • I can safely say I wasnt a fan of any of them, although zagy often made me feel things no grown man should feel, however I will mourn there passing as I enjoyed the back and forth between you guys, end of an era, however I rejoice in the fact that miners has become a no emo retirement home in which I imagine them all sitting round in there mobility scooters, blankets over there knees huddled arround a single pc monitor watching lord of ice throw shade at them with every forum post.