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  • Slayer2749 -

    Hello HT-death

    This is slayer one of the leaders/co founder of enl from uni tazzed

    Yes I am in uni xanthus were there is a war between fleet alliances and enl

    I been around for a very long time and been in many wars. At this stage of the game it is good to have a war but let's be friends here only different between a war and normal game play is hitting a players planet/moon more then 6 times in a 24hour time frame but atm we are not doing this.

    I think this war should end and our fight from our alliances at each other should turn towards GF and get ACS for the uni so we can have a good war because atm it is only 1 side as most of our alliance are minners and only a hand full are fleeter.

    Please get back to me at you earliest time

    King regards