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  • Optimus Prime -


    Just wanted to run something by you regarding rules.

    If I send a 1 rip on 10% to attack a target it will take give or take 48 hours to reach him. And before the rip hits I send another slow rip to attack. Not recalling any rips they will attack. And it won't be more than 1 attack a day.

    Would it be considered spamming and against the rules?

    • Kaldor -

      It depends on the GO but I would classify this as overview spam.

    • Optimus Prime -

      Thanks for the info and your time

  • Zagy -

    Hm, ask Azraels they're known to sell accounts.

  • Raijin -

    Your account VS my rank 5 (2 eco) in Virgo US server ?

  • StrlA -

    Hi, interested in acc trading with my little account. Have a look on my page and ull see

  • Serenity -

    Your the bomb for a Mod !!!!

    • Kaldor -

      Thanks :)

  • Serenity -

    Hey Kaldor I kind of knew you was aware of it I am just trying to make sure he is covered is the only reason I placed it on the boards for him.

    • Kaldor -

      Yeah I'm just clarifying what's known and not known so anyone else reading it can know what's going on!

  • herr gonzo -


  • Rav3n -

    I couldn't PM you because of the max conversations bug, but just to let you know the thread's been moved.

    • Kaldor -