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  • CorZor -

    Hi! Can you approve my post in HoF Quaoar? Is it due to my post-count the post needs to be approved or?

    • clittle -

      CorZor. I do not see any post for Quaoar that currently needs approval. I believe this may have already been done in the past 2 hours

  • Gladiator -

    pls move the fight to top 10 section

  • Bugs Bunny CRO -

    Pls delete my post..
    First from the top..
    Double posting..

  • fluffy pigs -

    Might as well move the Wasat Top hits up, slow down the spam of unrelated comments.

  • Prophet -

    Can you approve my CR, Rhea universe. Thanks :)

    • clittle -

      Prophet, I am not a mod for Rhea. You should go through your mod. Let me know if you have any issues

  • mrrew -

    Please move this to the top single hof

  • Viking -

    clittle, please move the Armani ninja to the top 10 spot in the Quaoar universe. thanks

  • mrrew -

    Yes please, move it to the top 10 section. Thanks…stID=6914337&#post6914337