KeVLaR Berzerk

  • from Oscar Milke
  • Member since Jun 6th 2011

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  • Usisac -

    ....and noob....

  • Viking -

    am i posting these war CR's correctly?

  • Usisac -

    Bye bye chiter....

    • KeVLaR -

      Its spelled cheater, but im not sure what you mean....

  • draqula -

    Hey..your acount is valid?

  • wreckingball -

    dear sir i am greatly interested in the kallisto acc i have been playing as a fleeter since the mizar days, i am more of a high speed player but due to illness i had lost my acct's during the last merge in electra and cygnus. i currently have just started an acc in oberon but you know how slow going that is lol. please feel free to contact me for further info.

  • draqula -

    Your account is valid?