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  • Cassandra Vandales -

    Amazing to still see you around :)

    • Poptart -

      For better or worse, OGame was a bigger part of our lives for a longer time than many of us would care to admit. I think that's why so many of us still check in from time to time. Though at this stage of my life, I can't even see the allure of playing anymore :) Hope you're still doing well, Cass

    • Cassandra Vandales -

      Mainly :) Daughter is growing, we have a nice house and all :)

  • bones2000 -


  • cyberjumper -

    I was wondering about you just the other day, I enjoyed playing ogame and seeing your posts lol miss Ya, if I remember correctly you took a job in New York how's that going? If you happen to see this say hi some time

    • Poptart -

      I'm doing good. Ended up leaving that job and now work for a start-up in Westchester County (though they're about to open a Manhattan office, so I might end up back in NYC after all).

      Oh yeah, and I got married. So that happened too.

      I think you must have made a new account since the last time we spoke though. Do you remember what your acc name was ~3+ years ago? That was the last time I was reasonably active.