handicapparking Moderator

  • Member since Dec 3rd 2012

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  • pirate andy -

    Hi mate, could you move the new top ten in virgo when you get the chance. Thanks :)

  • Phoenyx -

    Move my hit in xanthus anytime you would like now. Thanks

  • Lord of Ice -

    Hi man, feel free to move the NN1 ACS in Virgo anytime :D Cheers!

  • Heretic -

    welcome to virgo boards
    i see you are one of my new mods
    i was about to hit clittle up and let him know we had some top 10 to move

    a few actually though you might wait another 24 hours since one is new

    i also need this top 10d, did not list right -

    i have two top 10s, and there are two others, 4 total

  • Holyjoetart -


  • bones2000 -

    *spams* ;)