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  • herr gonzo -

    Ma vidim, taj lik nikada ne fsa deut flotu ali ovaj put je ostavio dosta ressa pa je ok hit

  • Big Bad Wolf -

    samo ga malo trolamo no frks hahaha

  • Aveada666 -

    watzupp yo

  • herr gonzo -

    i fsed today 34 probe messages....
    no md attempt

    and i only fsed for like 140 min max(dirty on all moon even with full fleet)

    quantum is full of noobs.....

    funny thing is i don't even lie hahahah

  • sefMasina -

    Nooob !!!!

  • herr gonzo -

    igraš ti još q aveada?

  • Aveada666 -

    WWWWattzzzzupuppppp yooo

  • brickhouse -