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  • Di5turbed -…ce-vs-noob-A-628-623-000/

    This is acs hit not solo :P

  • iiNSick -

    nusukan is dead so please move hit to top 10,

  • ad0 -

    how does the new antipushing trading rule apply, did get trades for ratio of 2.4-1.4-1 with a stronger player, could i therefore trade again with another stronger but for better ratio, say 2.7-1.7-1

  • dmented -

    Something went wrong onmy post. you might want to delete one of them. thanks

  • NINJA -

    hello please move my top 10 in libra ty

  • Di5turbed -

    hello could plz finally move my hof in unity . thx

  • Gnasher -

    Hello, I had trouble fixing this post so I made a new one. Can you please remove the messed up post please?

  • TheWolf -

    Hi bro, can u move my hit on top 10 pls.. Thank you

  • Kenny -

    hei there, can you please move my Hit on Unity to top 10. thank you

  • Perfumeroff -

    Moved top 10 me log please