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  • Member since Sep 25th 2013

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  • Lelouch of the Rebellion -

    did u ever play

  • Night Assassin -

    Hello,, i msged u privately asking to move all my hits top the rightful spots in top 10 solo and acs... If you are not capable of doing it, please say and we can ask for help. Thank you

  • awc -

    Can you change the tag on this hit to a fleetcrash?…ov-A-580-000-D-3-207-500/
    ty! I didn't know the phase of the moon impacted moonchance...

  • Di5turbed -…ce-vs-noob-A-628-623-000/

    This is acs hit not solo :P

  • iiNSick -

    nusukan is dead so please move hit to top 10,

  • ad0 -

    how does the new antipushing trading rule apply, did get trades for ratio of 2.4-1.4-1 with a stronger player, could i therefore trade again with another stronger but for better ratio, say 2.7-1.7-1

  • dmented -

    Something went wrong onmy post. you might want to delete one of them. thanks

  • NINJA -

    hello please move my top 10 in libra ty

  • Di5turbed -

    hello could plz finally move my hof in unity . thx

  • Gnasher -

    Hello, I had trouble fixing this post so I made a new one. Can you please remove the messed up post please?

  • TheWolf -

    Hi bro, can u move my hit on top 10 pls.. Thank you

  • Kenny -

    hei there, can you please move my Hit on Unity to top 10. thank you

  • Perfumeroff -

    Moved top 10 me log please