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  • Skylove -

    plz check my ticket,thx

  • Kwagga -

    good day where can I find the new rules on accounts in vmode? I am leaving on holiday with no internet connection and am afraid when I come back everything will be wrecked

  • threeflipskat3r -

    You should really consider resigning and allow someone to actually fulfill this position

  • deadmau5 -

    My uni 1 account has been duplicated to quantum and i can't get out of V mode in uni 1, this merged to uni 1 from rigel and is meant to be in uni 1, my wifes acct is also still stuck in quantum after I was told it had been merged to uni 1, several tickets sent and no replies, please help

  • Woutiex -

    Hi can we please start a poll to change Oberon ECO setting to X7

  • Floki -

    Hi, I'm 2nd on the event server. Which e-mail address I have to send

  • Serenity -

    Serenity Uni 1

  • Serenity -

    Piink please help I have been banned in game ---- I was in v mode I have not cursed I have not attacked I have not bashed Please help innocent look I am not use to being in trouble

    • piink -

      Please, keep your case in the support system. These cases cannot be handled on the forum.

    • Serenity -

      I am trying to keep the faith here Piink and calm -- Its very frustrating-- but I understand you're dealing with a lot with the bugs and merger so I have calmed down with the aid of pinnacle whip vodka on the second day.

  • Tzolak -

    A COMA that's actually active in their community. This pleases me!

  • bones2000 -


  • pogue mahone -

    Hi, piink it was suggested that I contact you with a problem can you message me when you have time?

  • andre65 -

    Hi pink i am the one from xanthus who would like the link for the acs vote. Ingame name is also andre65

    • piink -

      Hey! Not here, this si a wall, everybody can see what you write here. I just sent you a private message :)

  • Nik$ -

    hey where are u ? l wait to u support side still !!!

    • piink -

      Spaming in specific discussion threads or coming to my wall to call my attention will not make me reply faster. If your case is still in support and you do not have an answer is because there is an ongoing investigation over your case.

  • bones2000 -


  • zeus2 -

    Please developed app for iPhone 6 plus or 6s plus or any smart android phone

  • War_Machine -

    Congrats on the new position! Do this ogame community right and please do your best to help this dying game. If I can provide my assistance, all you have to do is ask. Thank you!